Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th October 2021 Written Update: Virat asks Pakhi to leave

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat telling Palkhi that if he had asked and she can leave. Palkhi says that she have come to see his loving wife. Virat says that he doesn’t want anyone near her who will disturb her emotionally, he says that he was also not coming but when Sai called then only he came to her. Palkhi says what he is talking with him, Virat ask her to understand. He says that Sai condition is critical so he ask her to go. Palkhi says that sometimes he talks to her like a stranger, she says that she have a relationship with him, atleast keep the respect of that relation. Palkhi says that she should keep the bouquet or throw it in the dustbin. He ask her to go, she saya that he should put some flowers to her hair as he combed her hair with so much love.

Virat tells to Sai not to give importance to someone’s talk. He tells her that she is punishing them by not saying anything. Pulkit comes and tells to Samrat that he is arranging appointment for Sai for the doctor, he says that he doesn’t want anyone near Sai who will disturb her, Samrat ask Palkhi to go home. Ninad saya that they all went to see Sai but why Karishma and Sonali didn’t go to see the Sai. Sonali makes excuse and says that Bappa is in home so they cannot leave alone and go, Ninad says that now they can go, Sonali says that right now so late are they breaking home rules for Sai.

 Ninad tells to Omkar to accept Sai and forgive her. Shivani says that he should not talk like this to Sai, Omkar says that what had happened to everyone she got little hurt and now they all are roaming around her. Sonali and Karishma taunts Sai and they ask for explaination from Bhawani that why they changed their thinking about Sai. Bhawani says that she have changed her thinking as she was wrong before and then she says that she won’t understand this and leaves from there. Omkar ask Sonali to stay away from this and prays that Sai never come back home, Sonali says that she is concer as now Bhawani is also supporting Sai.

Virat is sleeping near Sai at the hospital, Sai gets up and shouts Virat sir in what condition he is, she says that why he is smiling she ask answer. Virat says that he knew she was angry on him that’s why she was not talking. She says what he thought she will never talk, she shouts at him and told him everything. He says that now he understands how important she is to him. He tells that he was concern after talking to Samrat about his voice. He says that he is happy hearing her taunts and likes them today. Then he suddenly gets up from his dream and sees that she is sleeping on bed. He tells her that Pulkit will bring the doctor tomorrow, he hopes that she will start talking fast. Virat is feeding her, pulkit brings a doctor to meet Sai. Sai didn’t let Virat go, he tells her to talk her heart to the doctor and they were waiting outside for her. Still Sai didn’t let Virat go, the doctor tells her taht she is doing great and recovering fast.

She is just concern that Sai is not talking. She ask Sai the reason not to talk. Pulkit ask her to talk with the doctor. Virat says that so many days have been past and she didn’t talk a single word. The doctor ask Sai that she is able to hear their conversation, she shakes her head. The doctor tells her that whatever happened to her in these days she wants to know, she then ask her to cry and let her feelings come out through tears. Sai cries, the doctor gives her strength. The doctor gives her to write and start their conversation and ask her to try, Sai starts writting and writes Virat name.

Precap- The doctor says to Sai that it was her father who gave her responsibility to Virat, she ask why didn’t she let Virat leave this room today. Samrat ask Palkhi that she wants to live with him or go with Virat. He tells her that the truth is,  she still loves Virat and he ask her to accept the truth.

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