Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th January 2021 Written Update: Pakhi and Sai get into and argument.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Virat tells she cannot become a good person just by studying 2-3 books. Sai tells no one has talked to me like this. Virat tells what else will you leave this house? He tells if you leave you will understand how much difficult it is to leave without a partner. Sai tells I am grateful for everyone’s blessing. Virat tells I am your husband but you always keep me in witness box. Sai tells see your best friend is here with food for you.

Pakhi tells Sai you are shouting so much,Sai tells is it me only shouting? Can’t you listen to your best friend. Virat tells He is sorry he didn’t realize his voice is getting loud. Sai asks Pakhi if she is here to taunt her? Pakhi tells Virat you seem a bit down and it maybe because you are so worried but your wife doesn’t care. She asks Virat when you thought about marrying Sai did you even think about yourself once? Sai got a husband who supports her,financial,social security .

What did you get from this relation Virat? Pakhi tells she is sorry for speaking in his personal matter,but she is sad seeing his condition. I can’t even think what you are going through. You maybe tired so eat and take some rest. Sai stops Pakhi and tells when this house people has to talk about me they complain to Virat sir and leave but I talk clearly and directly so I am going to do the same with you.

Pakhi tells if you want to talk with me do it with respect otherwise don’t talk with me. Sai tells if I was in your place even I would not have liked talking to you. She tells today I am ignoring my promise and want to ask you are you not happy that you got a chance to sit and talk with your friend? You should be happy about it,why are you taunting me? Pakhi tells are you asking me a question or are you taunting?

Sai tells Virat would be happy if you serve me food,in case of Virat sir me and you don’t have any competition. You can feed him and talk with him and let me study. Sai tells like I don’t interfere in your personal matters I expect you to do the same. Sonali tells Ashwini why are you going now? Ashwini tells because you sent third person in between husband and wife. Bhavani tells Sai should not have been shouting. Pakhi is this family’s daughter-in-law what is the problem?

Ashwini tells you won’t find a problem because it is your old habit to talk between husband and wife. Bhavani tells Ashwini is instigating Virat against us. Ashwini tells truth is bitter what can I do? Pakhi asks what wrong did I do? Why is Sai taunting me? Virat asks Sai why is she talking like this with Pakhi? Sai tells Pakhi has been taunting me since so many days but you didn’t say anything and today I talked only once and you are asking me to stay quiet.

Sai tells I was studying and you didn’t even let me study,I am going to study you can sit with your best friend and eat peacefully. Sai leaves to Usha moushi’s room but she is sleeping. Pakhi tells this Virat is so different from the Virat I first met. He was so joyful but this Virat is always worried . Virat thanks her for thinking about him. Pakhi asks him what is he searching? He tells he has headache,he is looking for medicine. Pakhi tells you eat food first.

We eat food to fill stomach not mind. She tries feeding him with her hand and Sai watches it from outside and leaves. Virat didn’t eat and tells Pakhi he is sorry. He tells I keep talking with seniors but their is no update about Samrat. Pakhi tells I went alone to his office and submitted the pension money in Mansi’s account. She tells Sai has changed his life upside down.

Precap – Devyani tells Sai everyone didn’t use to scold me like this earlier but after my marriage they always scold me. I don’t know where is my husband and small baby. Sai thinks she will find out about them. Bhavani tells Sai to finish work before going to college. Sai tells she is already worried about test. Bhavani snatches her food plate and tells her to finish work first.

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