Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th October 2020 Written Update: Sai is abducted.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sai’s school ceremony going on. Sai’s friends asked her why is she irritated. Sai says this ACP will now award me, I am not getting a break from his company only. The teacher announces that there are two happiness one Sai topped and a other IPS officer Virat coming to the event. Virat is then asked to give the trophy to Sai.

She tries to get the award and leaves rhe stage. She is stopped by her teachers who asks her to stay for a photograph. A photograph is taken. Virat is then asked to say a few words. Virat says seeing this ceremony I remember my days when I scored really well in UPSC. Then he tries to direct things to Sai and says normally people get attitude after topping but Sai here is so down to earth even after scoring so well.

Here, Pakhi and Samrat are engaged everyone is happy except Pakhi. Then she pretends to smile for the photograph.

Sai sneaks out from the ceremony with her friend. Sai says she can’t go with that ACP again to home so it is better if I leave now and go to home on my own. They are walking on the road and Jagtap and gang sees it. They are in full plan to stop then with their car but just then ACP sir appeared in his jeep and asked Sai to sit inside as it’s Kamal sir’s order. For Sai it is compulsory to go with Virat so she sits. Jagtap is watching all this and is unable to understand what is going on.

Here, Ashwini is trying Virat’s phone but her husband says its still daytime, he must be busy in his duty. Ashwini says Virat calls me even if he is busy. Ashwini then says my Virat calls me even when he is busy. Ashwini then opens up about how she wanted Virat to get married on the same day as Samrat. Kaku says don’t blame his work, he is working so hard, we will easily find a girl for him in two days. Virat’s dad say but he just started with his work, he should be taking some time to dedicate it to work. All three of them agree.

Sai gets a call from unknown number, she doesn’t pick. Then she gets a pic of Kamal’s id card. Sai panics and then picks the call. The guy says he got this id and there is an accident. Sai panics. The guy shows a body covered with blood. Sai panics and cries. Mausi comes and she asks Sai what happened. Sai says Kamal had an accident and she has to go. She starts running, Mausi and police officers also start running. Here, the guy who called calls Jagtap and says the work is done.

Mausi sees Jagtap and hits them with a wooden stick but then she is pushed and falls and hits her head to the ground. Sai panics more. Jagtap says if you would have agreed peacefully then your mausi wouldn’t have got hurt. They take Sai. At Jagtap’s home, Sai starts throwing all the show pieces and is angry. Vithal comes and says girl this is our reputed house don’t make noise and do drama. He asks Jagtap to look her up in a room. Jagtap follows his orders. Sai cries and cries. Kamal is trying Sai’s phone but no one is picking up. He returns and gets to hear everything from an injured Usha.

Here, Virat and Samrat relive their childhood by stealing sweets from puja thali. Virat then teases Samrat on being a lover so soon. Virat is asked to bring Mehendi from Patra Lekha’s home. Virat says okay so name is Patra Lekha, then where is the pic. Mohit is about to show but Samrat says when he is going to see the Taj Mahal for real then what’s the use of photograph. They all laugh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat is here for Samrat’s wedding and few pre wedding rituals, Pakhi comes and Virat and Pakhi are shocked to see each other.

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