Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 17th November 2020 Written Update: Sai commits suicide.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 17th November 2020 Written Update on

Virat says I have written my Nagpur address and number please call me if you need me. Virat says you think so today that you dont need me today but who has seen future neither me nor you. Sai says sorry to Virat. Virat remembers Sai calling him a murderer while packing his bag. He remembers Sai telling him that even if she is dying she wont ask help from him. Virat remembers meeting Pakhi and her getting married to Samrat.

He burns the flower she gave to him. He prevents the flower from burning and keeps it back in his diary. He remembers Pakhi calling him back home telling she needs her best friend the most now. Sai watches her childhood pictures. Oo ri chiriya plays in bm as her childhood memories play. Sai starts crying saying you shouldnt have gone leaving me behind. Aba didn’t you know I have no one other than you in this world? Who will take care of me now? Who will do my champi? Who will call me his mother now? Kamal says Sai keep smiling like this,you look beautiful while smiling,Kamal says I am with you. Why didn’t you eat anything since yesterday,go eat something.

Same dialogues keeps on repeating as she keeps seeing multiple images of Kamal. Sai says I will listen to everything you say. Kamal says come with me,I am here to take you with me. Glass of her window breaks due to heavy rain and wind. Bhavani says we used to keep fast for four days,but Pakhi became ill in one day. Ashwini says we are all also in a lot of tension. Bhavani says I invited you for my daughter-in-laws hapiness. All the ladies of Chavan family prays to God. They open their fast with their husbands .

..Bhavani brings a potrait of Samrat for Pakhi. The ladies pray fot their husband’s long life. Pakhi closes her eyes and sees Virat. She says what should I do,I can’t do all these, I see your face as soon as I close my eyes. Sai writes her suicide letter. She writes I am doing this willfuly and I know it is wrong but She says no one is responsible for my death but my bad luck. All my father’s property will be of Usha moushi now.

Sai says now me, aba and aai will always be together. She cuts her wrists and faints. Usha moushi comes to give her food and sees blood flowing out of the door. She calls Milind kaka and they break the door. Virat thanks the officers who took care of him.

Virat tells him take care of Sai,keep me informed about her condition. He says Sir you are very good and asks will you come back to Gadchiroli? Virat says definitely.

Precap – Virat calls Pakhi and tells Samrat will be back soon and also your best friend that is me will be back soon. He gets a call from Usha Moushi at the same time and she informs him about Sai’s suicide. Virat tells her not to worry and rushes back to Kamal’s house

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