Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th February 2021 Written Update: Virat is angry on Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th February 2021 Written Update on

Pakhi asks Virat if what Sai says is true? Virat tells you may know your truth but for me you are my elder brother’s wife and a very good friend nothing more than that. Pakhi tells forget your promise and tell sorry,remove feelings for someone and say sorry, what are you going to say sorry for?

Even thousands of sorry from you cannot change my life’s truth,the truth is I am alone and I have no idea till when I am going to remain alone. Pakhi starts crying and tells Virat his one wrong decision ruined three lives.

Ashwini tells Bhavani she doesn’t want to talk about Sai. Bhavani tells I predicted Sai would fall down in Virat’s eye but I did not know it would happen so quickly. Bhavani thinks this day has been ruined but I will ruin the life of the one who destroyed it.

Sai reaches Pulkit’s house, a lady named Madhuri opens the house. Sai looks around his house for some family picture but she can’t find it. Mohit gives Samose to Karishma,she gets excited thinking Mohit found a job. Mohit tells I did not go for interview,I went to my play for my rehearsal. Karishma tells him to go for your job interview. Mohit tells finally Sai has motivated me to follow my passion.

Madhuri tells Sai your sir keeps praising your food. I have been cooking here since so many years but he never praised me. Sai thinks Madhuru is Pulkit sir’s wife and is about to leave. Pulkit tells I didn’t knew whether you would come or not. Pulkit comes with his daughter Harini and introduces her to Sai. Harini calls Madhuri her mother and she goes inside.

Sai is about to leave and she asks Pulkit where did he leave in Sundernagar? Pulkit tells he used to leave in Chavan nivas. Sai thinks Pulkit has married and moved forward in his life. She tells Pulkit now it is no use for him to visit her house,she tells I did not come here for lunch. I came here for lunch but I cannot tell you anything.

Sonali tells Bhavani shall I serve the food? Bhavani tells after the drama in house,I don’t even feel like eating. Karishma thinks it is the right time to complain about Sai,but Sonali interrupts her and asks her to call Pakhi. Ashwini serves food to Bhavani.

Bhavani tells I thought today is Sunday so all of us will eat together,will Virat come for lunch or not? Ashwini tells he has locked his door so I don’t think he will come down. Bhavani asks Pakhi to carry food for Virat,Ashwini tells it would be better to leave Virat alone as he is very angry today.

Pakhi knocks on Virat’s door. She tells I said a lot to you today but it wasn’t your fault,you just came to apologize. Anyways just have lunch,whenever you don’t eat food you get angry. Virat turns around and the plate falls down from Pakhi’s hand. Pakhi tells if Sai would have brought this food you would have ate it. You are the one who keeps supporting Sai,even today she left where she wanted to go and didn’t even listen to you.

Precap – Same as last day.

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