Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th January 2021 Written Update: Devyani reveals shocking information about her past.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Sai thinks about Virat’s words and is unable to focus on her studies. Devyani comes there and scares her. Sai asks her to stay silent as everyone will scold her if they wake up. Devyani tells I went to meet you but Pakhi was there so I came to find you here. She asks Sai if Pakhi was troubling you is that why you are here? Sai tells her not to talk about Virat and Pakhi.

Devyani tells I didn’t eat medicine today,I hid after dinner. Whenever I eat the medicine I feel very sleepy and my head pains a lot in the morning. Sai tells if we show you to some good doctor maybe you will be well soon. Devyani tells Shivani bhua is right,Sai is the best. Sai asks if she can study now? Devyani tells her to talk with her as no one talks with her. Sai tells I have a test tomorrow I will fail if I don’t study they will throw me out of college.

Devyani asks her if she really likes her? Sai asks her what does she think? Devyani says Ninad tells when a question is asked you should answer instead of asking another question. She tells Sai that everyone scold her more after her marriage,Sai tells you don’t look married. Devyani tells my mom took away my mangalsutra. She tells my husband wanted to be a doctor like you. She tells If I take his name he will get hurt.

She tells I don’t know where is my husband and small baby. She isn’t sure and can’t remember properly. Sai thinks if this is all true or just Devyani’s imagination. Sai tells her to trust God,she will be alright and meet her husband. She tells I will pray to God. Devyani tells Virat is very good don’t leave him. She gets angry with Sai because she talks about leaving the house. Sai asks Usha moushi for food. She tells sorry to Bhavani is late and tells from tomorrow I will finish my work before college.

Bhavani mocks her and tells her she has to do housework before going to college. Bhavani asks her if she cannot take house responsibility how will she become a doctor? Karishma tells me and Pakhi do all work of the house but Sai. Pakhi tells Sai will be a doctor soon and start earning we will stay here only. Ashwini asks Pakhi if her day cannot start without taunting Sai? Bhavani tells Ashwini is only supporting Sai. She tells Sai is going to tell Virat about all this now. Usha tells Sai not to argue with elders.

Karishma tells Sai is late and doesn’t do any work and now Usha is feeding her . Even after so much comfort if someone tells her anything she starts fighting. Sai tells when I came to this house you only warned me about Pakhi and now you are Supporting her. Karishma lies that she didn’t say anything like that. Ashwini tells her to think before speaking. Bhavani tells it is my decision that Sai won’t go to college without finishing house chores. Sai asks Bhavani no to increase her problems.

Usha asks Sai to eat something before leaving. Bhavani takes plate from Sai,they snatch the plate and it falls on ground and breaks. Sai asks Bhavani why did she do this? Ashwini supports Sai. Virat asks Ashwini what is going on? She tells Virat Bhavani snatched food from Sai and threw it. Bhavani tells do you think I can insult food? I took plate from Sai because I did not want her to eat from Usha’s hand.

Ashwini is shocked to hear her lie like this. Virat tells Bhavani that sometimes what we don’t like we should let it be everything in this world can’t be according to our liking. Sai tells my stomach is full from taunts. Virat tells her to eat before going to college.

Bhavani tells I took her plate so that she eats from hand,Virat tells you don’t need to apologise from me but yes you shouldn’t have snatched a plate like this. Usha and Ashwini ask Sai to eat. Pakhi tells maybe we all should apologise to Sai now or Virat will scold all of us now.

Precap – Devyani tells Sai about her husband. She tells him he maybe a doctor by now. Sai meets a guy in college who introduces himself as Dr Pulkit Deshapande.

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