Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th November 2020 Written Update: Pakhi tells her parents about her condition in the house.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th November 2020 Written Update on

Pakhi tells Neha I married Samrat because Virat will stay in front of me. No one understands that I and Samrat haven’t spent even a single day together. Neha asks if you talked about this to your parents,Pakhi asks what will I tell them? Especially my father because I took him in confidence that I will stay happy just because Virat will be in front of my eyes but now they have too high hopes from me and I can’t even tell them that I can’t keep any fast or any prayer from pure heart for Samrat. I was thinking it would be easy to keep this relation but it isn’t. I will go mad by shouting. Virat calls Pakhi and asks her how is she?

Pakhi says she is not ok at all she is feeling guilty because of her Samrat. Virat says don’t worry Samrat will come back and I am also coming back. After coming back I will find my Jiva,he tells he says he has some friends in defence ministry. Moushi calls Virat and tells him Sai has cut her veins. Virat rushes to Sai’s house and picks her up and rushes her to hospital. He tells moushi to stop crying. Moushi prays to god to save Sai.

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Virat remembers his promise to Kamal to take care of Sai. Milind tells Virat that you are responsible for what hapenned to Sai. If you didn’t leave her alone this wouldn’t have happened. they ask doctor will treat her today what if she tries to kill herself again? Pakhi tells Karishma is always behind me. Ashwini aunty keeps taunting me. Shailesh tells I am going to talk to Bhavani.

Pakhi’s mother tells we are in laws Pakhi should solve her own problems. Why will my daughter listen to any one’s taunt. Her father is still alive,I will take her with me. Why should she stay here ? Samrat isn’t here she will come back after he returns. Pakhi’s mother asks him to cool down and think reasonably. She tells Pakhi I will talk to Bhavani to allow you to come with us at least for a few days. Doctor says Sai has lost a lot of blood and her blood group is AB negative. We don’t have any blood.

Virat offers to donate blood as his blood group is same. Virat remembers his first encounter with Sai how she wanted him to sanction her father’s retirement. He recalls Jattab shooting Sai. Moushi thanks god for sending a man like Virat in Sai’s life. Virat asks why did you do this Sai? Moushi tells what else would she do? After Kamal sir’s death what would she do,her entire world is upside down. She tells Kamal wanted you to take her complete responsibility not just her education.

A hallucination of Virat in uniform tells Virat that Usha moushi is telling the truth Sai is now your responsibility that you promised your dying teacher to take care of Sai. Another image of Virat says I remember that Sai is my responsibility. Virat says what of Pakhi I promised her no one else would come in my life. Virat in uniform says what of your promise to Kamal sir? If Sai does something like this again? Virat replies what of Pakhi? She married my brother on my promise. Virat is confused between two side of his mind.

Precap – Virat tells his father I can’t understand what to do? Should I listen to my heart or my mind? Ninad tells him to if it is about duty always listen to your mind and if Kamal sir took any promise from you while dying then fulfiling it is your duty.

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