Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st February 2021 Written Update: Virat finds a little girl looking for her father who’s name is Samrat.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st February 2021 Written Update on

Sai is cutting vegetables in kitchen,Ashwini asks if her rashes are ok? Sai tells yes they are okay now as you sent baking soda for me. Ashwini tells Virat was in kitchen last night and she tells Virat asked baking soda for you. Virat took your responsibility but slowly he has started caring for you. Sai tells yes he took care of me,he gave me cream first and thn applied baking soda on my legs myself. Sai tells Ashwini Virat fed me with his hands last night. Pakhi overhears this. Ashwini tells when people pay attention to other people’s talk they harm themselves.Pakhi burns her fingers by touching hot untensil,Ashwini tells this is the reason I asked you to pay attention on your work.

Virat asks Brigadier Sood about Samrat’s whereabouts,he wishes to join the search teams and look for Samrat himself. Brigadier denies him permission and tells him they are trying their best to search and to hope for good.

Bhavani tells this tea is so bad,who adds salt in tea? Sonali insults Sai for making such tea. Sai tries to tells I didn’t make it but all the members keep insulting her and doesn’t let her speak. Bhavani tells she should have learnt from Pakhi. Ashwini tells the tea was made by your dear daughter-in-law Pakhi not by Sai. She taunts what happened now why is everyone silent now? Bhavani and Sonali defends Pakhi.

Ashwini tells if Sai or Karishma made this mistake you would have made it a very big issue. She tells the way you behave with Pakhi you don’t do with any other daughter-in-law,there is a limit to partiality. Bhavani tells there are tears in Pakhi’s eyes,her husband is missing since so long with no news don’t you feel pity for her? Ashwini tells if Pakhi makes a mistake it is ok,but if Sai or Karishma does this you pick up entire house on your head.

Virat sees a little girl crying near road. He stops his jeep and asks why is the little girl crying? A man tells her father left her some time ago and hasn’t returned. She tells Virat her father’s name is Samrat,will he find her father? Virat tells he will definitely find her father. Virat orders for last hour’s CCTV footage .

Sai asks Pulkit for a book as all copies of that book are already sold. Pulkit gets a call so he gives keys of his locker to Sai to take the book. Sai accidentally drops his diary from the locker but before she can look at the pictures inside Pulkit picks it up.

Virat asks the little girl about her family. She tells it is only her father. Virat promises her to find her father. Policemen informs Virat,Samrat fainted and some men took her to city hospital.

Sai finds a picture of Virat in an old newspaper about his posting in Gadchiroli. She remembers the incidents there which led her to Nagpur. Aniket tells isn’t this the officer which came here yesterday. Sai asks him to confirm if it was him? Aniket says he is sure it was Virat.

Sai calls Virat and asks why did he come to her college? Nurse asks Virat to get some medicine so Virat cuts Sai’s call in between.

Precap – Sai is waiting for Virat at house and it is late. Pakhi taunts her that she was telling Virat cares for her and now he is making her wait like this. Everyone is worried as Virat hasn’t returned home yet. Someone comes home and everyone looks shocked at the door.

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