Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st May 2021 Written Update: Sai gets worried for Virat after watching the news

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin1st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Madhuri telling Sai to eat food. Sai says she understood food’s importance when Virat told her to leave Chavan Nivas. Pulkit says that was past, don’t hold any grudge. Sai changes the topic saying call Harini also. She will have food with us. Devyani serves food for Harini and says she will feel her if she doesn’t want to come. Pulkit tries to stop Devyani saying Harini needs some more time to adjust. But Devyani says she will convince her. Pulkit says then what about Sai? She will feel bad if Devyani doesn’t accompany her. Sai will leave soon. Sai nods and Devyani agrees. Sai eats with Devyani.

Sai assures Devyani that Harini will also have food with her. Devyani says her own family never allowed her to have food with everyone. Sai says now you two are married noone will tell you anything. Pulkit says he will take Devyani to Chavan Nivas. Devyani gets restless saying her family will again separate her from Pulkit. Sai and Pulkit calm her down. Madhuri says Sai brought Pulkit and Devyani together if she left that house why Pulkit will go to that house. When Sai will be back in Chavan Nivas you can go. Sai says then they have to wait forever.

As she won’t go back to that house. Pulkit says you will change your decision after a certain point of time. Sai says I am not that kind of a person who forgets things with time. Sai gets message from Mohit who tells her Virat went on a dangerous mission. Pulkit says look how Virat is missing you only. The mission is really dangerous, in news I heard. Devyani tells Sai is angry that’s why Virat went on a risky mission. Sai says why are you taking Virat’s side. I’ll have food in hostel otherwise.

Pulkit stops her saying hostel food are not like home made food. Sai then agrees and gobbles the food. She behaves weirdly saying she vented out her fury on Ashwini by not having her food that day. She coughs and drinks water. Sai says I don’t care about Virat or his family. Sai cries. Pulkit tells these tears are showing your pain Sai. Understand it. Sai again ignores him and eats the food.

Virat reaches the place with his team mates. Virat tells without his signal noone will change their positions. Virat checks the place thoroughly and informs there are many terrorists hiding in that place. There, Sai misses Virat and talks to herself that such missions are part of his duty why will she worry for him. But she can’t concentrate on her study.

Virat tells terrorists all ways are closed, surrender yourselves. They start firing at each other. Media is covering the news. Sai gets Aniket’s call and turns on the TV to see the news. She gets shocked seeing the firing and Virat. She gets tensed. Virat shoots one terrorist. Sai asks herself she is so selfish. She didn’t even pick up Virat’s call when he wanted to talk to her before going to mission. Sai feels guilty.

Pakhi tells everyone why Virat didnt tell about the mission. Ashwini gets stressed thinking Samrat also went on a mission but didn’t return yet. Sai isn’t home too. Bhavani and Sonali taunt Ashwini for talking about Sai. Ashwini says Sai has self respect why will she returna after all these. Pakhi is about to call Virat but Ashwini snatches the phone and says I told you don’t trouble Virat. He is on a mission, how can you call him right now.

Precap- Virat gets shot. Sai calls Virat but his teammate says Virat’s condition is critical. Sai gets shocked and rushes to meet Virat. Virat in ambulance falls unconscious.

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