Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th January 2021 Written Update: Virat shows his concern for Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Sai tells Virat I haven’t forgotten that our marriage is a deal and I am not going to stay here forever. Virat tells her if you were my hawaldar I would have ordered you to eat medicine. Sai asks why do you support me in front of everyone? Virat replies he did what he thinks was right. Sai tells him but you best friend thinks I am worst,and you went against your family for me. She tells your right and wrong keeps changing with time.

Virat tells I was angry on you because I felt you flirting with Amay was wrong. Sai tells there was nothing to eat in college canteen. Virat tells her today I also came to know air is delicious,he didn’t feel like eating because she was hungry. Virat checks her fever and asks her to have dinner with him. Virat checks her temperature and they both stare at each other for a while. Sai has high fever and Virat tells I will talk with everyone tomorrow you won’t do any kitchen work. Sai thinks she will work no matter how ill she is. She won’t let other taunt her.

Bhavani tells Ashwini has headache and it is normal as she has a daughter-in-law like Sai. She praises Sonali that she has taught Karishma all the work,she has learned her work. Bhavani praises Sonali for keeping Karishma in control.Sonali tells after seeing Sai,I think my daughter-in-law is a diamond.

Bhavani tells Sai can’t do any work and she asks Usha where is Sai? She tells you treat her like a kid. Usha tells I won’t feed her with hands again. Usha tells Sai is like my daughter and I want her to be happy. Bhavani asks Usha to leave,Sonali tells to give her work of dusting the entire house.

Bhavani says today I am realizing that I shouldn’t have said yes to your marriage to Ashwini. Ninad tells she is from small family so she went mad after seeing so much family. Pakhi apologises to everyone for being late. Sai asks what work does she have to today? She will finish her work and go to college. Sai tells Usha to ask Bhavani what work she has to do? Pakhi tells her it seems you are faking to take responsibility.

Sai tells her there are so many people in house to teach me and today you gave a different tip to me. Today you asked me not to work so did you ask elders before telling me? Sai asks what do I have to today? Pakhi asks her to do the same like last time grind spices. Sai tells I asked Bhavani let her answer.

Sonali tells I will only work,rather thn listening to her stupid talks. Sai asks she is going to kitchen is her serial over? Karishma laughs and Mohit asks her to stay quiet. Bhavani asks if you want to work do or else leave. Sai tells she won’t return if she leaves,Bhavani tells her what she has to cook. Ninad tells a lot of dishes to cook. Sai tells Ninad you have BP and you still want to eat fried food.

Omi and Sonali tells what is she going to do after becoming doctor. Sai tells I am getting late for college and asks Bhavani what do I have to cook today. Bhavani tells her some dish to cook. Usha thinks how will Sai cook. Bhavani tells Ashwini is having headache so you have to do it alone. Sai tells Pakhi is going to help me. She asks Bhavani what other daughter-in-law are going to do. Isn’t this the rule of Chavan family?

Sai taunts Sonali doesn’t know how to cook and she tells Bhavani you are used to sit and order. I know if you knew how to work you would have definitely Ashwini. Sai tells so I have only Karishma and Pakhi to share my work with. She does akkad bakkad and decides Karishma will cut vegetables and Pakhi will grind spices.

Precap – Bhavani tells Pakhi you need time to grind spice so Sai will get late for college you can grind in mixer. Sai reminds Bhavani that she told her in mixer the spices don’t taste good so Pakhi has to grind like Sai did. Pakhi grinds red chilli and cries due to burning sensation,Sai reminds her of her taunts that even she is nazuuk and even she gets hurt. Virat tells Sai she has proved her point and now she won’t speak a word against Pakhi.

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