Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st October 2020 Written Update: Will Sai come back home safe and sound?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virat playing drums. Samrat tells Pakhi, this deserves one dance. Pakhi closes her eyes to feel the vibe of the drums like before. Pakhi agrees for the dance. Virat plays the drum hard as she is unable to see Pakhi and Samrat. Pakhi is continuously watching Virat while dancing.

Pakhi is about to fall but Samrat catches her. Virat remembers his and Aokhi’s similar moment. Virat finishes and he goes from the ceremony. Pakhi notices it but as everyone is sitting and talking, she is unable to leave. Everyone asks Kaku to dance too. She agrees. While the ladies dance with kaku, Pakhi goes to Karishma to ask for washroom.

Karishma says I am here na I will take you and wait for you too. Neha sees this and follows them. Pakhi goes inside the washroom, Neha tells Karishma that Kaku is calling her, Karishma rushes and says please bring Pakhi back. After Karishma goes, Neha calls Pakhi out. Pakhi gives her phone to Neha and goes to look for Virat.

Pakhi enters first room to see toys of kids, that is Devyaani’s room. She comes out. Then she again goes inside a wrong room. Then finally she sees a close room. She knocks and from inside Virat says Sunny please leave me alone. Pakhi opens the door. Virat is shocked to see Pakhi there. Virat says it’s your sangeet down there, what are you doing here? Pakhi says it’s your brother’s sangeet then why weren’t you there?

Virat says please go, if someone will see you then it will be a problem. Pakhi says don’t change the topic I saw you, you can’t even see me and Samrat close then how come you will see us forever in this house. Virat is about to hold her shoulders but stops.

Virat says it’s nothing like that. Pakhi says okay look at eyes and say. Virat is unable to do that. Virat says with time things will sort for me, I promise. Pakhi says but it won’t for me, what should I do? How can you let go of your love just like that for Samrat. Virat says for Samrat only I am here or else I wouldn’t be. Pakhi says what? Virat tells her a childhood story where during a dahi handi, Samrat had just shifted to Nashik. Virat didn’t like Samrat as kids. But Virat was about to break the dahi handi but is left hanging to the rope and everyone panics. Virat is about to fall but is catches my Samrat. Flashback ends.

Virat says after this I can give my life to Samrat, love is a small thing. Pakhi says but I can’t let go of my love for you. Virat says I will keep that love of us in form of friendship. Virat says I promise that and I also give you my words, no one can take your place in my life. Virat says but you need to promise me that you will marry Samrat. They think about all their past memories.

Mohit asks Samrat to dance on jiva shiva song with Virat. Everyone searches for Virat. Sunny says I will go and check. Samrat says you stay, I will go. Vaishali sees Pakhi missing and calls her. Neha answers the call and says Pakhi is in washroom. Vaishali asks them to come fast. Here, Pakhi gives her promise by placing her hand above Virat’s. Samrat comes searching for Virat and opens the door.

Here, Kamal is patroling on the way of Shiv Mandir. Sai calls Kamal, who asks her if Jagtap is still behind her. Sai looks and says yes his jeep is. Jagtap calls his number. Sai tells Kamal that Jagtap is calling on this phone. The flashlight flashes from phone. Jagtap notices it. Sai sees it and panics and disconnects the phone. Jagtap says your bhabhi is in that tempo. Here Kamal is worried but other officers calm him down.

Here, Samrat finds Neha and Pakhi in Virat’s room. He asks them what are they doing here? Neha says they came here finding washroom as your house is bigger than fort. Samrat smiles. He asks Pakhi if she is okay? Pakhi smiles and says yes I am. Neha and Pakhi leave. Samrat thinks something is wrong as Pakhi seemed very upset. Virat is behind the bed pillar and watches Samrat. Everyone sees a girl acting like a kid. Devyaani is out of her room as Pakhi didn’t close her door while coming back.

Devyaani thinks it’s her wedding and jumps and says today is my wedding. Kaku is angry and asks her to go to her room. Devyaani says today is my wedding why should I go you are a bad mother. Vaishali says this is Kaku’s daughter. Samrat tries to make her understand but she doesn’t. Virat comes and says okay first go and wear your clothes for the function which is kept in your room. Devyaani asks really? Virat says yes. Ashwini takes Devyaani. Virat tells everyone that Devyaani is his sister. Virat comes to Samrat and says lets show Mrs. Samrat our dance of jiva and shiva. Samrat and Virat give high five to each other.

Here, Jagtap knows the tempo guy and calls him. The tempo driver respecta Jagtap and Jagtap explains him something. The tempo crosses the police check post and Sai sees Kamal and is about to scream but Jagtap comes inside the tempo and prevents her from screaming. Sai cries. Jagtap says I told you that I love you but don’t make me angry otherwise it won’t be good for anyone. Jagtap then calls Kamal from his phone. Kamal is shocked that Jagtap reached to Sai.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sailesh asks Pakhi this is her last chance to backout. Pakhi says I wont. Sailesh says don’t travel on two boats. Pakhi says I am on one only the other one is the sea bank, Virat’s memories will always be with me. Here, Sunny asks Virat to try and talk to tell Samrat once. Virat says I can’t tell Samrat. Samrat comes from behind and says what can’t you say to me?

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