Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Sai wins Ninad’s heart.

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The episode starts with Bhavani saying she can’t believe Sai is on drugs, she goes near Sai and smells her dress. Shivani tells Bhavani not to trust Pakhi’s words. Ashwini tells Pakhi to stay in limits, Sai can never do something like this. Pakhi says if they don’t get answers they have to guess. Virat tells everyone to stop giving importance to Pakhi’s nonsense talk. He asks Sai why she is late. Sai explains she had no idea that she will be this much late. She went to a shop to buy something but they took a lot of time to bring the specific thing she wanted. Her phone got switched off due to low battery and she couldn’t inform Virat.

Virat asks Sai how can she waste her time to buy a stupid thing when Chavans were really worried for her. Ashwini asks Sai where she spent all the money, she should tell everyone to finish the drama. Sai says she didn’t waste the money for something meaningless. Later she calls two men to bring a big box. Everyone gets surprised to see that. Omkar asks whats so important present in the box? Sai then forces Ninad to open the box, Pakhi and others tell Sai to behave properly. Virat wonders why Sai wants to do. Ninad opens the box and gets surprised seeing new harmonium. Ninad stands speechless.

Sai says Ninad sang a beautiful song on her birthday and he loves to play harmonium too. thus, she bought a new one. Sai says she wanted to surprise Ninad. Virat thinks it’s unbelievable that Sai spent her scholarship money to buy a harmonium. Ashwini gets teary thinking Sai did the unthinkable today. Sai asks Ninad did he like the present? She adds she has no idea about musical instruments so she went to the shop with a professor and the latter helped her in choosing the best harmonium.

Shivani taunts Pakhi saying she should check once again whether Sai is using drugs or not. Ashwini says its called love for which someone can sacrifice anything to bring a smile on loved one’s faces. Mansi says everyone accuses Sai and talks ill about her but she still thought about her father in law’s happiness. Sai says sorry to everyone as they got worried for her. She says Ninad couldn’t buy a harmonium earlier for himself due to lack of money, so right now he should not sacrifice his dreams for his family.

Sai says young members should also take care of elder people’s dreams. She relishes her memories related to Kamal. She says now Ninad can pursue his dreams. Ninad grabs Sai’s hand and everyone gets shocked. Ninad hugs Sai surprisingly. Ashwini gets emotional. Virat tells Mohit that for the first time something right is happening in the house.

Ninad tells Sai that he never thought Sai will surprise him like this. He adds he never considered her as his daughter in law but Sai opened his eyes today. Sai hugs him again and says this is not the time to talk about all this, he is elder than her, he has the right to scold her. Later she insists Ninad play harmonium. Ashwini says she guessed right, Sai easily forgives everyone. Sonali tells Omkar that Ninad has changed his side after this.

Ashwini encourages Ninad to play harmonium and makes her hair. She says Ninad looks good when smiles. Virat comes with dinner and tells Ninad he is so excited that he can’t look at other things except the harmonium. Virat says Sai even after getting taunts thought about Ninad’s happiness. Later he apologises to Ninad for not gifting him anything, he never thought his father can also have a dream or hobby. He couldn’t make him happy. Ninad says its okay, he also never had idea he loves harmonium so much. Virat says Sai has now proved she is the best daughter in law. Ashwini says Virat got married to Sai so credit goes to him.

Precap – Pakhi sends Ajinkya in Virat’s room to meet Sai. Later she provokes Virat against Sai saying Sai is talking to Ajinkya in Virat’s bedroom. There Sai starts coughing and Ajinkya makes her drink water. Virat gets furious and enters his room angrily. He gets shocked.