Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Virat tells everyone about Sai apologising to Pakhi.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

Ashwini and Sai are cooking,Sai asks about Ashwini’s mother’s health. Ashwini says yesterday Shivani called me. Sai said Virat can never hurt me or anyone. Sai says Virat is your son,he can never do wrong. Virat asks Bhavani if Pakhi is back,she says yes. Karishma tells Virat,Pakhi is in her room. Bhavani and Omi taunt Sai again. Virat says there is something none of you know. Pakhi returned because of Sai,she went to her house and apologised. Everyone is shocked,Ashwini asks Sai why she didn’t tell everyone. Sai tells I am happy Pakhi forgave me and returned back.

Devyani throws her toys and is sad. Sai asks her why she threw her toy,Devyani says that is my husband. She says Sai is very good,she asks will she find her husband? Sai picks up her toy and tells I will bring your husband back if I know who he is. Ninad scolds her,Virat supports Sai. Shivani says now you are speaking in front of Ninad. She tells Ashwini Virat stood up for you when you went to your mother’s house. Bhavani asks Sonali if Virat has turned into His wife’s puppet?

Virat enters Pakhi’s room. She just came out of bath, Virat thanks her for returning. Pakhi asks him to thank Sai. Virat says I don’t know if I am impressed from Sai but I am happy. Virat tells I don’t even know why you are here but I am happy. Virat tells no one will bother you now,just let me know if someone says anything. Pakhi thinks the thing that bothers me the most is seeing you with Sai.

Sai prays to her father for her result. She picks up Virat’s cap and starts mimicking her father. She talks with herself,He says One day you will fulfil my dream by becoming a doctor. Sai says today I will pray to all 33crore Gods. Virat watches her from outside and smiles. He tells her she was looking cute. Sai says today I am not in a mood for fight. Virat makes fun of her , Sai Joshi, fighting champion doesn’t want to fight. Sai mimics Pakhi ,tells she would come running if Virat raises his voice.

Virat tells her not to make fun of Pakhi. Pakhi’s father calls her and ask of everything is ok. Pakhi tells him not to tell her mother about the fight in her in laws house otherwise she would be worried. Pakhi asks him not to worry as everything is ok. Pakhi tells my happiness can never return now. Virat tells I am worried about your result but I am confident you will pass . Sai tells what her father used to do when she was worried,Virat does the same for her. Virat tells I want you to become a doctor since the day your father told me about his dream.

Virat asks Sai to choose one finger. Sai does akad bakad to choose one finger,Virat acts sad and tells her why did she choose this finger she would get admitted. Sai says I am not going to sleep entire night. Virat tells now I am going to tell you about my cases story. Sai tells you always used to be angry like pani puri face. Virat asks Sai what does she like? Sai tells I love sweet,Virat asks her what sweet? She says she loves candy floss. She tells my father used to bring colorful one’s for her.

Precap – Virat is not at breakfast table so everyone is worried. Bhavani asks Pakhi to see if Virat is ill. Virat comes downstairs and tells today he took a leave as some important news is coming today.

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