Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd July 2021 Written Update : Pakhi decides to do job

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashwini giving credit to Virat as he only brought Sai home after marrying her. Sai knows how to take care of everyone’s feelings. Virat leaves with food for Sai as she didn’t eat anything. Virat doesn’t find Sai in room. He looks for her in the kitchen and sees Sai is gobbling food. Virat comes to her. Sai says she was so hungry. She didn’t eat anything in college. Virat says why she didn’t call him, he would have picked her up, Sai says she got habituated with all the taunts, it’s been one year. Also she didn’t think of troubling Virat for such a small work.

Sai starts coughing while having food. Virat makes her drink water and says she won’t talk while eating. Later Virat says he can’t believe its one year now. Later he asks for Ajinkya’s number from Sai so that he can contact him if she comes late from college. Sai says she didn’t memorize his number, she only memorized those who are important. Virat gets happy and thinks why Ajinkya is not going out of his head.

Pakhi doesnt have food with everyone. Bhavani says she must be ill, give her food in her room. Ashwini says if it was Sai in Pakhi’s place Bhavani and Pakhi would have created a scene. Bhavani says to Ashwini why she always taunts Pakhi. Pakhi reveals she applied for job and she got one call from there. Shivani taunts Pakhi saying from when did she start planning to do a job.

Pakhi says why can’t she do a job. She felt like her education has gone to waste so she thought of starting her career. She adds she can’t be able to handle her loneliness anymore so she will build her career and she will live in her maternal house until she gets a job. . Sonali asks but Pakhi only dropped idea of doing a job and said she will handle household responsibilities. Pakhi says if Sai can pursue her studies and Chavans can allow her to dance on stage then why can’t I do a simple job.

Pakhi asks why family is not supporting her, are the rules different for her and Sai. She adds she took the decision for Bhavani but now she changed her mind so she won’t stay here. Mansi and Bhavani say that Pakhi can find a job by staying in Chavan house as well. There’s no need to leave the house. Virat comes and tells Pakhi if she is upset because of the drama during Sai’s birthday party. Pakhi says why he feels she is sad for that. Virat says I can feel so. Virat apologises for scolding Pakhi and says if she wants to go to her maternal home, it’s okay but she should not hold any grudges before leaving.

Virat tells atleast wait until Samrat comes back. He will be upset if Pakhi leaves. Pakhi says Virat wants her to wait forever as Samrat won’t come back. Why Virat doesn’t want her to move on in life. Pakhi says she can’t get stuck in her past. Mansi gets heartbroken and tells Pakhi why she doesn’t think Samrat will be back. Atleast Pakhi can lift up her mood by telling a lie that Samrat will come back.

Mansi starts crying. Pakhi tells Virat he knows why she is leaving, Samrat is not related to it. The reason is clear then why Virat brought the topic of Samrat. Sai comes and seeing her cough Ashwini worries for her. Sai says she is fine.

Sai apologises to Pakhi and says she won’t trouble Pakhi anymore. Pakhi should drop the idea of leaving. Sonali and Karishma get surprised seeing Sai’s sweet attitude. Pakhi replies she is old enough to take decision for her own life. She doesn’t need anyone’s advice. She will do what she felt.

Precap – Pakhi sends Ajinkya in Sai’s bedroom and instigates Virat against them. Virat loses his calm.

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