Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 24th July 2021 Written Update: Virat gets furious after knowing Sai is with Ajinkya in his room

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 24th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat giving kadha to Sai. Virat says Sai won’t be awake at night today, she will sleep. Sai says she will study. Virat stops her to be adamant. He snatches her book and Sai says her father also used to make kadha for her but she used to pour it on tree roots. Virat says here such things won’t happen. Sai finishes the kadha and says it tastes so bitter. She sleeps. Virat looks at her and is about to touch her forehead but Sai looks at him and he turns off the lamp. Sai smiles.

Next day Ninad is playing harmonium and Pakhi serves tea to everyone. Sonali says Sai has won Ninad’s heart by giving him harmonium. Pakhi gives tea to Ninad but the latter says he is practicing and she should be careful else the tea will fall on the instrument. Pakhi gets irked. Sai comes and asks Pakhi for tea as she got cold and sore throat. Pakhi taunts her saying you don’t like to work, you just give orders. She gives her tea to Sai saying I didnt make tea for you so take mine. Bhavani also taunts Sai and the latter says she didn’t go to college today as she is sick and why Pakhi always makes a small thing look like something big happened.

Sai leaves without having tea. Ninad asks Pakhi why she is always after Sai and humiliates her. Pakhi gets shocked and says Ninad changed his opinion about Sai after she got him harmonium. Bhavani says but Sai can never win my heart. Pakhi says she can’t stay with Sai under same roof. Bhavani and Sonali tell her not to feel upset. They say noone can change them by giving a present only. Pakhi says Ninad will soon understand his liking is not for Sai but for the harmonium. Door bell rings.

Pakhi opens it and sees Ajinkya. Ajinkya says he heard Sai is not well also she missed one vital orthopedic class so he is here to give her notes. Bhavani tells Ajinkya that Sai has other friends too, but you are more concerned about her rather than others. Ajinkya gives notes to Pakhi and tells her to give it to Sai. He is about to leave but Pakhi recalls Ajinkya and Sai moments during birthday. She tells him to go to meet Sai in her room.

Ajinkya gives cupcakes to Pakhi saying he bought it for Sai. He adds I don’t think I should enter Sai’s room, it would be better if Pakhi calls her here. Pakhi insists and sends him in Sai’s room. Bhavani and Ninad ASK Pakhi why she did that as it looks strange and not good. Pakhi says just like Sai surprised Ninad by giving him a harmonium, she also sent Ajinkya to her Sai’s room to lift up her mood. Sai will feel good. Pakhi thinks Virat will react for sure after finding out that Sai and Ajinkya are in his room.

Ajinkya knocks on the door and Sai assumes its Virat. She opens the door and gets surprised seeing Ajinkya. Ajinkya says he wanted to see her as she is unwell also to give her notes. Ninad tells Bhavani that why even Sai allowed Ajinkya to enter her room. Virat reaches house and Bhavani gets shocked seeing him. Ajinkya says to Sai he should have asked her before coming. He had no idea how her in laws will react. Sai says her in laws are frank and open minded, so Ajinkya should not worry. Chavans even came to cheer her up during dance competition. Ajinkya asks about her health and tells her to take rest. He is about to leave but Sai says she will bring snacks for him.

Bhavani tells Virat that Ajinkya came to see Sai. He feels Sai is seriously ill when she is not. Virat gets shocked to know Ajinkya is in his room with Sai. Pakhi tells him to relax. Why is he overreacting. Virat loses his calm and says who allowed Ajinkya to go to my room. He goes to his room angrily. Pakhi smirks

Precap- Virat grabs Ajinkya’s collar and asks him how dare he entered Virat’s room. Ajinkya was making Sai drink water. Virat questions Sai and the latter replies, Virat thinks she is characterless. Virat gets shocked.

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