Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th July 2021 Written Update: Virat accuses Sai of having an illicit affair with Ajinkya

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai getting happy to see cupcakes. Ajinkya says she loves to have cupcakes so he bought for her. He adds Sai missed an important class but he brought all the notes. Sai gets happy. She is about to eat cupcake but starts coughing. Ajinkya makes her drink water. He makes her sit on bed. Virat enters at that time and finds them in an awkward position. He misunderstands the whole situation and shouts at Ajinkya. Virat asks him how dare he entered his room. Ajinkya says he came here to give notes, what Virat is thinking its not true. Sai says Virat can’t misbehave with Ajinkya. Ajinkya attempts to leave but Pakhi enters in the meantime and tells Virat to not react impulsively. She says Sai and Ajinkya are friends and wanted to spend some time and together, in a way she indirectly provokes Virat and gives three cups of tea to them.

Virat throws away the cup out of anger and Sai asks him what is he doing. Virat shuts her up and notices the cupcakes. He asks Ajinkya are you trying to make Sai feel more better by all this. Virat says he noticed how Sai was resting her head on Ajinkya’s shoulder. Ajinkya says he was just making Sai drink water. Virat grabs his collar and starts accusing him of having an illicit relationship with Sai. Ajinkya gets scared and Sai separates them both forcefully. Sai tells Virat he can’t mistreat her friend.

Ajinkya says he shouldnt have come here but he was leaving and had no intention to meet Sai. He reveals Pakhi sent him in Virat’s room. Sai and Virat glare at Pakhi. Pakhi says she thought Sai and Ajinkya will study, she didn’t have idea that Ajinkya is here for some other reason. Sai says its Virat’s misunderstanding and Pakhi is adding fuel to the fire. Sai says Pakhi comes in Virat’s room whenever she wants then why Sai’s friend can’t visit her house. She tells Ajinkya to leave at once, she adds you won’t come over even if I die.

Ajinkya runs away. Virat questions Sai what was she doing with Ajinkya in his room. Sai shouts at him and says what does he mean by saying this? How can he think so bad about her. Virat says Ajinkya could have met her downstairs, why he has to come to her room. Sai says she can understand what Virat must be thinking. He thinks she is a charactless girl. From day one she told him that Ajinkya is just a friend of her but Virat still doubts them. Sai leaves from there upset. She gets heartbroken. Virat says she can’t leave without answering. He follows her.

Ashwini and others return from market and they get shocked seeing Sai is leaving and Virat is telling her to stop. Sai starts walking on street during rainfall. Virat goes behind her. Ashwini scolds Pakhi for not taking Sai’s permission before sending Ajinkya in her room. Mansi asks Pakhi will you feel comfortable if we send a guy in your room. Bhavani tells Ashwini why is she blaming Pakhi. Sai also could have stopped Ajinkya from entering her room. But she didn’t means she has some wrong intentions. Ashwini tells her not to talk nonsense about Sai’s character. Chavans feel everything will be fine. Sai will be back. Pakhi thinks this time Sai won’t stay in Chavan house, her time is over.

Virat holds Sai’s hand and asks her questions but Sai says she doesn’t want to explain anything. She goes in the middle of the road and meets with an accident. She gets injured and falls unconscious. That car leaves. Virat gets shocked and people recognise him and Sai. He gets emotional and lifts Sai up. He goes to hospital.

Virat requests the doctor to treat Sai. Doctor says they will try their best. They put Sai in OT. Chavans reach hospital and Ninad asks Virat what did he say to Sai that she left the house. Ashwini asks Virat what happened to Sai. Pakhi says Virat found Sai and Ajinkya in wrong position in his room so he got furious. Ninad says this is not possible. Pakhi says no husband can tolerate such scenes. Bhavani says she also notices Ajinkya, he was being friendly with Sai on her birthday. Virat remains silent.

Precap – Virat asks Pulkit to allow him to meet Sai for once. Pulkit says because of Virat Sai is in this condition. He wont spare Virat if something bad happens to Sai. Doctor says Sai can slip into coma if she doesn’t gain consciousness. Virat gets shocked.

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