Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th July 2021 Written Update: Pulkit lashes out at Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mohit telling everyone how can they talk ill about Sai everytime. She can not cheat anybody. Sonali tells Mohit to shut his mouth, she says God knows what magic Sai applied on you. Bhavani says sometimes ago Sai tricked us so that we attend her college function now she met with an accident for real. That’s her karma. Ashwini says Sai is in OT still Chavans have no shame.

She is fighting for her life. Virat recalls everything and blames himself for Sai’s condition. Ashwini says its too late now, Sai is struggling to breath. Pakhi tells her not to make Virat feel guilty when he is already feeling bad. Pakhi blames herself saying its her fault only, she allowed Ajinkya to go to Virat’s room. Shivani says Sai and Ajinkya are just common friends, why can’t they accept it and acting like backdated people.

Mansi tells Shivani to stop. Mohit holds Virat responsible for everything. He says how can Virat doubt Sai, if something bad happens to her he won’t forgive him. Virat tells Mohit I am really feeling ashamed of my action. But I believe nothing will happen to Sai. She will be fine. Doctor says Sai will be under their observation. Coming hours are really crucial for her. Virat gets emotional. Mohit if Sai’s parents were alive they would have questioned Virat too about his act. Pulkit reaches hospital and asks about Sai. Bhavani asks what is he doing here? Mansi says Pulkit is also part of the family so she informed him about Sai’s accident.

Ashwini supports Mansi. Pulkit suspects Chavans saying they must have done something due to which Sai met with an accident. He forces them to tell the truth. He asks who is responsible for Sai’s accident? Mohit tells about Virat’s argument with Sai over Ajinkya’s arrival in the house. Pulkit gets shocked and grows tensed. He questions Virat how can you have such wrong thoughts about Sai’s character when she is your wife. You failed to understand her. Virat pleads Pulkit saying he is admitting his mistake, just he wants Pulkit to cure Sai as he is a doctor. Pulkit says why do you want that?

After Sai will get better you will again torture her with your words. Having male friend doesn’t mean she will have an affair. Virat gets heartbroken and Pulkit warns him saying if Sai’s condition gets worse he won’t spare Virat, he will put Virat behind bars. Virat requests Pulkit saying he wants to meet Sai for once but in vain. Pulkit says he can’t take risk with Sai’s life as after gaining consciousness if she sees Virat she can get hyper and can fall sick again. Virat loses his calm and bumps his fist against the wall. Chavans stop him. Pulkit meets the doctor in OT.

He says Sai family to him. The other doctor says Sai can slip into coma or she can even die if she doesn’t gain consciousness. Bhavani and Omkar discuss about police case. Omkar says he won’t go to jail, Virat did the mistake he will go. Ashwini tells them to not behave like a selfish person at this moment. Virat’s constable says they found the car who hit Sai. Pulkit prays for Sai’s health to God. He says Sai should be alright soon. Sai’s health condition deteriorates.

Precap – Sai tells Pulkit she doesn’t want to see Virat’s face again after seeing his behaviour.

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