Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 28th July 2021 Written Update: Pulkit reprimands Chavans for ill-treating Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 28th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pulkit checking Sai’s pulse. Pulkit notices Sai is gaining consciousness. He gets happy and teary as well. Sai looks at Pulkit and the latter says whatever Virat did to her he won’t forgive him for that. He suggests Sai because of him don’t be careless. You need to take care of yourself for those who care for you and I know you are a strong. He adds Virat is in guilt and punishing himself for his deed so Sai should meet him for once.

He is about to leave but Sai holds his hand. Sai says she doesn’t want to see Virat’s face again. She says just because of she allowed Ajinkya to enter her room doesn’t mean she is characterless. Pulkit tells her to calm down. He says he can’t see Sai in pain. Sai cries recalling Virat’s behaviour.

Virat tells Ashwini why Pulkit is not coming out. I hope Sai is fine. He blames himself for Sai’s condition. Ashwini says she used to feel proud to have a son like Virat but today he crossed his limits. Ninad also never did this much wrong. Ninad asks Ashwini why to drag me in everything. Ashwini says don’t force me to argue. Mansi stops them from arguing as its a hospital. Pakhi consoles Virat saying its a common reaction of a husband who sees his wife with an unknown guy in his room. Virat didn’t do anything unnatural so he should not feel bad. Virat says being a woman how can you justify my actions, when you should speak against my deed. Mansi tells Pakhi to leave Virat alone.

Sai says she has no proper home, she doesn’t have anyone who loves her unconditionally. Sai misses her father who used to protect her like a shield. Pulkit says he is with Sai and she doesn’t need to feel alone. He will take care of her. He adds after getting discharged Sai will go to his house. He feels he won’t forgive Virat for hurting Sai.

Sonali tells Bhavani that they should leave now as Sai gained her consciousness. Virat asks Pulkit how is Sai? Pulkit says even after all these how can you expect me to tell about Sai. Pulkit says if Harini was in Sai’s place, he would have killed that person who hurt his daughter. Pulkit says Chavans have no right to know about Sai’s condition. Sai did so much for them selflessly but in return she got backlashes. So, there’s no need to show fake formalities. Bhavani tells Pulkit how can you talk like that. Pulkit says they don’t care about Sai, he knows that. So they don’t need to show fake sympathy. Ashwini requests Pulkit to inform about Sai’s health.

Pulkit says only some selective people in the house care for Sai. He tells Ashwini Sai is okay now. Virat is about to meet Sai but Pulkit stops him saying Sai doesn’t want to see him. Bhavani says to Pulkit who are you to stop Virat from meeting his wife? Pulkit says Virat is Sai’s legal husband but if Sai again falls sick after seeing him then Virat will be responsible for that. Ashwini requests Pulkit to meet Sai for once.

Pulkit doesnt allow her saying Sai is taking rest, she came out of a critical condition. Later he says Sai will stay in his house not with Chavans. There’s no guarantee that Virat won’t misunderstand her again in future. So he can’t take risk with Sai’s safety, neither he trusts Chavans anymore. Virat says you can’t do it but Pulkit says I am Sai’s guardian and I’ll do it. Virat feels shattered and sit on bench. Mohit says this family doesn’t deserve Sai.

Precap – Ninad tells Virat that Pakhi forced Ajinkya to go to Sai’s room. Virat gets shocked and says now he is getting it who is behind this.

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