Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2021 Written Update: Pulkit introduces their daughter to Devyani.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pulkit asking Sai, Virat is only trouble for you? How can you talk like that? Sai says their relationship never worked as it’s a trouble. Virat said he loves someone else. Pulkit says but things changed between you two. Sai says she doesn’t want to come between Virat and his love. Pulkit says then why she thinks she only got sorrow after marrying Virat. That means she cares. Sai denies.

Pakhi says to ViratI know how it feels when your loved one leave you and don’t try to contact you, that’s why I am telling you call at least. Bhavani says Pakhi is right. Samrat also went on a mission. Ashwini says Virat wont think about all these, he will get success in his mission. Virat says he will try to call. But can’t assure you. Ashwini says she won’t insist Sai to come back. Virat says fine. If you meet her tell her only she can come to Chavan house anytime.

Sai says I am here to fulfil my father’s dream. Pulkit tells Virat also supported you a lot, though you have many reasons to avoid staying with Virat but don’t you think you have one reason to stay with him? He cares for you. Pulkit says Sai will stay with Devyani from now. Sai says she has talked to Dean she will stay in hostel. Pulkit makes her understand don’t send Virat away from you. Don’t live a loveless life. Try to think once and forgive Virat. Pulkit says I feel you started missing Virat already. Sai gets into deep thought. She imagines Virat is coming with roses. Sai thinks is it true I am missing him.

Sai says when Virat didn’t think about me, why will I think. Sai’s roommate behaves rudely with Sai. She says I don’t like to share my room. Sai tells her to stay in her limits. Roommate says else you will get me arrested by your IPS husband Virat. Sai says she is not Virat’s wife.

Virat gives courage to his team members for the mission. Virat tells them to contact their families. Virat misses Sai thinking he would have called Sai if things were okay between them. Virat ties shoe knots and says some knots should be tied on time else we can fall.

Devyani gets excited seeing all the toys and crayons. She thanks Pulkit for the gifts. Devyani draws Pulkit’s portrait. Pulkit’s daughter Harini comes and gets upset seeing Devyani playing with her toys. She snatches toys from Devyani. Devyani starts crying and says its mine. Who are you? Harini says it’s my house, I won’t leave. Devyani keeps saying I want my Mickey. Harini asks why shall I give my toys. She calls Pulkit papa. Devyani gets surprised and asks Pulkit we have a daughter as well? Pulkit tells that Harini is Devyani’s daughter.

Devyani gets overjoyed knowing Harini is her daughter. Devyani says I thought I wont be able to find my daughter but I am happy that you brought her back. Harini gets annoyed. Devyani dances with Harini and her caretaker tells Harini that Devyani is Pulkit’s wife and her mother. Harini mistakenly gets hurt while Devyani was playing with her. Harini pushes Devyani. Devyani starts crying.

Precap- Virat tries to contact Sai before going to mission but Sai doesnt pick up his call.

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