Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th July 2021 Written Update: Sai refuses to accept Virat’s apology

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat entering OT to see Sai. He gets emotional. Sai calls her father’s name and Virat turns back. Virat says he knows he is wrong but Sai shouldn’t have run away like that. They could have sort out the issue peacefully somewhere. Sai says after what you have done you really think there’s anything more to discuss? Virat sits beside her and Sai says she should have left the house after Virat’s recovery. She did wrong by staying there further. Why Virat stopped her. Just to doubt her and to call her characterless? Virat says this incident was not planned, it happened all of a sudden and he never called her characterless. Sai says you didn’t say that but your action was proving that you consider me characterless.

Virat says this time he can’t stop Sai from leaving as Pulkit himself wants to take Sai to his house. He requests Sai to not leave Chavan Nivas. Sai says she won’t change her mind after seeing his act, Sai says he insulted Ajinkya and his crime was only that he wanted to meet his unwell friend and brought cupcakes for her. But Virat took it all wrong and proved her characterless. Virat says we should leave this topic now. But Sai keeps on saying you also didn’t say that I am not characterless means your thinking is wrong, Sai says when loved ones talk ill about you it hurts a lot.

Virat says he became possessive only, he couldn’t see you and Ajinkya together. Sai says our relationship is not like other married couples then why? Virat say why can’t we stay like other married couples. I want to stay with you. Virat pleads Sai holding her hand that she should not leave Chavan house, he won’t repeat his mistake again. Sai says she will never come back to his house. She frees her hand. Virat says if you think I am forcing you then its my bad luck. Doctor says they will check Sai. Virat says he is leaving as his wife doesn’t want to see his face. He leaves the OT upset. He looks at Sai.

Virat tells Ashwini that Sai is emotionally broken. Ashwini says she will meet Sai for once. Virat says her check up is going on but Ashwini stills goes to meet Sai. She requests doctor to allow her to talk to Sai. Ashwini kisses Sai’s hand and the latter gets teary. Ashwini says she never thought Virat would treat his wife like that. She should have been present to support Sai. She shouldn’t have left. Sai says its not your fault. Ashwini replies Virat is also in so much guilt. She says Sai should think once why Virat became possessive for her. Sai adds but possessiveness doesn’t give licence to someone to misbehave with others. Mohit tells Sai you are right. Virat is wrong. He later gives Sai her phone and leaves with Ashwini.

Virat says he will stay in the hospital for Sai tonight. Pakhi says doctors are here for her then why Virat will stay. Virat replies he doesn’t need to take anyone’s permission before staying here for his wife. Ashwini tells Virat she will also stay but the latter says she doesnt need to do that. Chavans leave and Mohit tells Virat if he wants anything he will contact him.

Virat sits on bench and Ninad sits beside him. Ninad says it was my fault. I should have stopped Ajinkya from entering your room but Ajinkya was not ready to go to your room as well. It was Pakhi who forced him. Virat recalls Sai and Ajinkya’s words. Virat says means Pakhi was being adamant. Now I got it who is behind all this. Ninad leaves.

Precap- Virat says Sai got discharged, he finished all the formalities. He requests her to go back to Chavan Nivas but Pulkit comes and tells Sai to go with him in his house. Sai finds it difficult to get up. Pulkit and Virat both give their hands to Sai. Pulkit and Virat look at each other.

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