Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Chavans get surprised to know Sai will leave

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashwini giving tea to Bhavani. Bhavani tells Pakhi that she sent tea for her but her room was locked so she didn’t disturb Pakhi. Pakhi replies she was updating the CV also she was informing her parents that she is going to stay with them. Shivani comes and taunts Pakhi that she must be ashamed of what she did with Sai so she is going to her maternal house to avoid facing Sai. Pakhi says she already told she did send Ajinkya to Virat’s room knowingly and starting a career is not equivalent to elopement.

Mansi comes back from temple and Pakhi assumes Mansi went to temple as Sai got discharged. Mansi reveals today is Pakhi and Samrat’s marriage anniversary. Pakhi gets shocked hearing that. She thinks on this date only she destroyed her life by marrying Samrat. Mansi gives prasad to Pakhi touches her foot. Karishma says Pakhi forgot her marriage anniversary date as she didn’t experience marital bliss. Mansi says but she didn’t forget anything. Pakhi says and within two days he left after marriage. Ashwini consoles Mansi saying Samrat will be back.

Pakhi tells Ashwini to not give false hope to Mansi as Samrat is not coming back anytime soon. Mansi tells Pakhi that a mother doesn’t have anything except hope. She should not break that. Mansi gets emotional. Shivani says to Pakhi you didnt even try to find Samrat when you got opportunity to go with Virat on a mission but when you learned Sai is going with him you tore your ticket. It looked like you were more interested to spend time with Virat rather than searching for Samrat.

Pakhi says she won’t waste her time by searching for Samrat as in one year he didn’t get bothered. Ashwini tells Pakhi to not interfere in Virat and Sai’s lives too. She should not be the reason of their fight or misunderstanding. Pakhi starts her acting and says to Ashwini why are you doubting me, I didnt push Sai in front of the car. I am not the reason of Sai and Virat misunderstanding. Sai comes with Virat in the meantime. Virat holds her. Ashwini thinks did Sai hear everything what Pakhi said. Ninad asks Sai how is she feeling? Sai says she is still alive so why are they silent as if someone died.

Sai asks Pakhi what was she telling Ashwini. Ashwini hugs Sai and says she believed Sai will get better soon. She is really happy. Ashwini tells Karishma to bring aarti thal. Virat thinks soon everyone will get to know Sai will leave the house. Bhavani does aarti of Sai and Virat. She tells Virat he was with Sai in her tough times thus she is doing aarti of him too. Sai hugs Bhavani and gets overwhelmed. She says she didn’t expect Bhavani will treat her this way.

Bhavani says if Sai was dead, people would have said Chavans killed her. Ashwini asks Bhavani why is she feeling like that. Bhavani says she is the eldest member, she has to think about the society. Sai says Bhavani has also become straight forward like her. Ninad teases Sai. Mansi tells about Pakhi and Samrat’s anniversary so Sai says she never met Samrat, she only heard about him from Virat. Ashwini says soon she will meet him in person. Pakhi gets irked. Sai says she is feeling hungry, she missed Ashwini’s dishes in hospital.

Ashwini says she will make food for her. Virat asks Sai will she not pack her luggage. Sai says she is not in hurry but seems like Virat wants to send her as soon as possible. Virat says but Sai only said she will stay in Pulkit’s house. Ninad and Bhavani don’t allow Sai to leave as they believe Virat and Sai can sort out their issues in Chavan house. Virat thinks Sai doesn’t want to hurt Chavans but truth is she is just a guest here for some hours. Pakhi feels finally Sai is leaving so Chavans won’t blame her for her accident anymore. Ashwini asks Sai what happened between her and Virat. Sai says she will tell everything but before that she wants to talk to Virat.

Precap – Sai packs her bag and she notices Virat is crying. She is about to leave but Virat pleads her with folded hands don’t go. Punish me but don’t leave me. He says he feels like killing himself, Sai keeps hand on Virat’s mouth.

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