Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2021 Written Update: Devyani receives Virat’s call in Sai’s phone

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Devyani saying sorry to Harini. Devyani gives her teddy saying play with me. Harini calls the caretaker her mother. Harini says no mother plays with toys. I don’t accept this strange woman as my mother. Devyani cries saying I am your mother. Call me mother. Harini adamantly says to Devyani get out of here. Devyani gets restless and asks Pulkit why Harini is not accepting me as her mother. Why can’t she like me? Devyani gets hyper and calls Sai. Pulkit phones Sai. Sai thinks Pulkit will talk about Virat so she says I don’t want to talk about him. Pulkit reveals Devyani needs her help. Sai gets shocked and decides to meet Devyani.

Ashwini makes Seera for everyone. Bhavani taunts her saying she is showing fake concern now as she only loves Virat and Sai. Mohit supports Ashwini and says he will bring back Sai. Ashwini says I am really helpless. She can’t even convince Sai to come back. Ninad taunts Mohit saying he is jobless but giving lecture.

Mohit says he wants to focus on his acting career. Bhavani says this acting etc is fake, just how Sai is expert at doing that. Karishma supports Bhavani saying that day Sai created scene in front of neighbors. Karishma tells Mohit why he didn’t even discuss with his family before taking such decision. Mohit gives befitting reply to Ninad and Bhavani. He says its his life and he can take his life decisions. Pakhi stops him saying he can’t misbehave with elders. Mohit says who is elder and respectable for you here? Omkar tries to stop him but Mohit says to Omkar you couldn’t raise your voice for Sai that day and now giving lecture.

Virat hears his team members are talking with their family members. Virat tries to call Sai. He hopes Sai will pick up. But Sai cuts it and she reaches Pulkit’s house. She calls Devyani. Devyani hugs Sai happily. Sai asks what happened? Why are you upset? Devyani says you don’t care for me. Sai says I told you to take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything will be fine. Devyani gets excited and says she is staying happily here. Noone locks her in room. Virat again calls Sai and Devyani receives the call after snatching the phone from Sai.

Sai thinks Devyani got panick attack some time before , she can’t disappoint her now. Virat feels relaxed seeing Sai finally picked up her call. Virat says I am so happy. Virat tells about his dangerous mission to Sai saying don’t know when shall we be able to meet. Devyani laughs and says I fooled you Virat. Virat gets shocked knowing Sai is in Pulkit’s house. He tells Devyani to give the phone to Sai. Sai suddenly cuts the call thinking she doesn’t want Virat to think that she forgave him.

Inspector asks Virat if he is sure about going to the mission. Virat says nation is important for him. He won’t back off. Virat switched off his phone. Devyani scolds Sai that why has she disconnected Virat’s call. Pulkit says there’s so much pain in Virat’s voice. I’ll call him again. Sai tells him not to. Sai then says why Virat switched off his phone if he is so much guilty. Devyani gets angry with Sai and says Virat was so sad because of you. Why are you not talking to him? Sai says if they want to talk about Virat only then she will leave right now. Pulkit says you will not go without having food. Sai then acts as if she is about to leave but Devyani stops her and says I won’t talk to Sai If she leaves. Sai tells Devyani to show the house. Sai smiles.

Devyani takes Sai to Harini’s room saying its my daughter’s room. Harini tells Devyani rudely get out of my room. You are not my mother as parents don’t play with toys. Sai makes Harini understand that Devyani is not well so she should take care of her mother. Harini refuses and pushes Devyani and others. She locks the door. Devyani again gets panic attack and says why Harini is saying that I am not her mother. Sai calms her down and says give Harini some time. Things will be better with time. Sai hugs Devyani saying everything will be fine.

Precap- Pulkit tells Sai that Virat may lose his life in the mission. Sai cries and eats food. She says she doesn’t care about Virat and his family.

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