Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th July 2021 Written Update: Virat decides not to confess his feelings to Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat looking at Sai through window. He thinks I should have confessed my feelings much earlier. This wouldn’t have happened. Virat says why am I not able to do it. He stares at Sai and recalls moments with her. (humari adhuri kahani plays) Sai looks at him. Virat in his mind asks for one more chance from Sai to make things right. Sunny arrives and Virat hugs him. Virat blames himself saying Sai in this condition because of me. Sunny says why Virat didnt tell Sai that he loves her more than anything. He can’t see her with anyone else. Virat says he has lost the chance as Sai wants to leave him. Sunny says your feelings will go to waste if won’t confess it. Virat says if he confesses his love then Sai will start hating him after all these and will leave him forever.

Virat says he will fulfil his duties selflessly towards Sai so she can see that love in his eyes one day. He wants her to realise only how much he loves her. Pulkit comes and tells Virat not to hope for something which won’t happen. Virat says he knows. Pulkit tells him to leave the hospital as he will take care of Sai. Virat says you can take care of Sai but I won’t leave. Pulkit gives food to Sai and the latter eats it. Virat looks at her.(ghum hai kisike plays)

Next day Virat asks Sai how is she feeling now. Virat gives her coconut water. Sai refuses to drink it. Virat says being a medical student she should how important coconut water is for good health. Later he asks Sai will she really leave Chavan house? Has she promised Pulkit already? Sai says even if she said yes why it is bothering him. Virat requests her to give him one last chance. He says he will rectify his mistakes. Sai says but she cant trust him now also Virat wont be able to change the current situation in her life no matter how much he tries.

Virat says it means she doesn’t want to see him for even a minute. He is about to leave but Sai asks him did you stay here whole night only to convince me? Virat says yes he did, but even if it was not his fault he would have stayed for Sai. Sai tells him to do his job as he has big responsibilities. She adds I am fine. Virat says he won’t join duty until she gets better. If something wrong happened to her he wouldn’t have forgiven himself. Virat leaves and Sai think why Virat got jealous seeing her with Ajinkya when she is nothing for him.

Virat in his room recalls Ninad’s words. Pakhi enters his room and says should I bring food for you? Virat loses his calm and scolds Pakhi for creating misunderstanding between him and Sai. He says you knowingly sent Ajinkya in our room when he was not ready to go there. Virat says there’s only one logical reason that is you want to separate me and Sai. You wanted me to see Sai and Ajinkya together.

Pakhi gets shocked and says you took it all wrong. My intention was not that. Virat refuses to believe her and warns her not to do such things again. He says he won’t get separated from Sai. Pakhi accuses him of not understanding her condition, her situation. Virat says whatever is happening with you is because of your own fault not because of me. Pakhi looks at him.

Precap- Virat asks Sai she got discharged so will she go with him. Pulkit comes and tells Sai come with me. You will stay happy in my house.

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