Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Sai prays for Virat’s safety

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai watching news. Reporter says noone is injured yet but firing sound can be heard. Sai prays for Virat. Her roommate turns off the TV. Sai says why did you do that? its the only way she can know about Virat.

Sai says I should have picked up his call. She cries. Roommate says you are a police officer’s wife , its his job. The way you are behaving you will soon forgive your husband. Sai gets shocked and thinks about it.

Ashwini gets mad at Pakhi saying why will you call Virat when he has a wife. You are nobody to him. Pakhi says he only threw Sai out. Ashwini gets mad at her saying she won’t come between Virat and Sai if Sai comes back. Pakhi gets shocked.

Sai prays for Virat and gets heartbroken. She says she has noone in this world except Virat. She will be left alone if something happens to him. He has done so much for her. He should be safe.

Virat notices one of his fellow officers is about to get shot. He recalls Sai’s father’s death and in order to save that officer Virat takes the bullet. Reporter says mission is successful but one officer is severely injured. Sai and Chavans hear the news and get worried for Virat.

Bhavani and Ashwini pray for him. Sai starts getting hyper. She tries to call Virat but its switched off. Her roommate tells her to calm down saying Virat is fine. He will call her after some time. She tells Sai to close her eyes and think about Virat.

Virat congratulates his team members for the mission’s success. He faints, officers try to wake him up. He checks the phone remembering Sai. But he fails to call her. Sai shouts Virat and she thinks I hope Virat sir is fine , why hasn’t he called me till now? Sai again calls Virat but subinspector picks up and says Virat got shot.

Sai gets shocked and before she could know in which hospital Virat is admitted, Virat’s phone gets switched off due to low battery. Sai thinks Virat is angry with her maybe as she didnt talk to him and cut the call. But she will know anyhow he is safe or not.

Pakhi receives subinspector’s call. She says she is Virat’s friend. What happened to him? Latter says Virat wants to talk to his wife. Pakhi says she is not here. We are his family we have the right to know how is he?

Latter says Virat’s condition is critical. Pakhi gets stunned and Chavans get tensed for Virat after knowing he gets shot. They all go to City hospital.

Sai calls another officers whom she knows. He tells Sai about the hospital Virat is admitted. Sai gets scared thinking she couldn’t talk to her father for one last time, what if the same happens with Virat.

Precap- Sai reaches hospital and Pakhi doesn’t let her meet Virat. She says you can’t meet him. Sai say she will wait for Virat , when he will allow her to meet him she will meet. Else she will never come back.

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