Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd November 2021 Written Update: Bhawani and Ninad try to convince Omkar

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat asking Sai to choose candy floss colour as he was very confused to choose which one to buy. She tells him that he gave her heart attack, he says that doctor gave her certificate that she is fit and fine, she ask him to buy all pink colour candy floss. She didn’t want to share with Virat, while eating Sai puts it on her nose, he calls her monkey. She says that aaye is right she says that you are cute. Whenthey come back Virat ask Sai that what plan she made for his parents, he says that he is nervous. Sai worries that if Ninad didn’t like the idea and they relationship become more complicated.

Bhawani says to Omkar that whatever he said to leave the house, he can ask apology they will forget. Omkar says that whatever he tell is not in anger it’s reality. He says that from when Sai came back from hospital everyone is following her. He says that he earns good so that he can buy a good house for them. She tells to Omkar that for which business he is talking belongs to her husband and then she handled the business, it belongs to her. Omi says that he will start his own business. Bhawani says that if he will leave the house then he have to leave other rights too. Ninad says that he really wants to leave them. Omi ask them think, why he is taking such decision. Bhawani says that Omi is taking his decision in anger.

Virat praises Sai idea and he hugs her for her idea about anniversary. She says that she bought gift for Virat, he is surprised that how she bring a gift for him. He tells her that he didn’t give her any gift, she calls her rude. She give him the photo of his parents wedding and added him to their photo, she tease him with the photo. Sai teases Virat with the photo and tells that she will show it to everyone tomorrow. Virat runs behind her to get the photo, she falls on his arm. He takes the photo, Sai pulls him towards her and they both falls on her bed. Ashwini comes to their room and sees them like this, she ask them have they visited doctor. Sai tells that doctor said that she is fine and she can start her college. Ashwini sees the photograph, Sai makes fun of him. Virat ask Ashwini not to tell his secret to her as she will not leave any chance to tease him. Virat laughs when he sees the photo in alone, Sai says to Ashwini that she feels love for him as a friend.

Pakhi ask Virat that he didn’t sleep till now, she says that he is thinking about Sai. She says that now they both are friends so they both stays in each other’s room all the time. She complains that they both are his friends so the rules they follow for Sai is different from her. Virat clears her confusion and says that Sai is his wife and Pakhi is Samrat wife so she have to maitain this relationship. Pakhi says that she is his first love, Virat says that love fades but Sindoor never fades.

Precap- Sai says to Bhawani that she is starting her college so she wants to buy a scooty. Virat agrees to her, Sai scolds Virat and tells that if her name is hampered in this house it’s due to him. Bhavani ask Sai to stop and tells her that Virat is behaving nicely with her but she is misbehaving with him.