Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th February 2021 Written Update: Virat gives a boquet of rose to Sai.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Will Sai be angry on Pakhi again?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th February 2021 Written Update on

Omkar holds Sonali’s hand and gives her a Gajra. Sonali tells I knew you will bring Gajra for me like every year and they share a hug. Karishma tells Mohit to learn something from his father. Ashwini tells I made Suzi ka halwa for Mohit, it will be lucky for your interview. Ninad tells have you pledged to ruin useless people. Mohit tells I don’t want to eat you can throw it. Omkar scolds him, Sonali tells him to eat it. Bhavani tells I gave you only seven days. Mohit tells I know and that is why I am going to give interview. Bhavani tells give this dialogue in your drama company,when you find a good job and stay there for few years I will believe you can do something.

Ankit is playing guitar, he asks Sai to celebrate valentine. Sai tells you people enjoy, I don’t believe in such useless things. Virat asks the dean to call that guy I will teach him a lesson. Sai starts scolding him and tells him I know him very well I stay in his house. Sai tells he is my mother-in-law’s husband. Dean tells does it mean he is your husband?

Aniket tells Sai is wife of such famous IPS officer. Sai tells Virat what is he doing here today? Dean tells I called him here, Utkarsha tells one guy threatened me today that if I don’t date him the guy will commit suicide. Virat tells the guy why is he bothering the girl. Virat tells Utkarsha to tell him she doesn’t love him and won’t go on date with her. Virat tells she said no, so now it is your turn to jump from the building,

Virat tells him that we all we witness that you jumped from your own wish. Virat asks him to man up and jump. Ranjeet is on terrace and starts weeping. Virat tells No means No, don’t try to find yes in that. Virat tells him to tell sorry to Utkarsha and dean, he asks him not to show any smartness in future or he will ruin his future even before starting. Ranjeet tells Utakarsha he is sorry, dean and Utkarsha thanks Virat for his help. Everyone claps for Virat.

Virat tells he is not here to give any knowledge but seeing Ranjeet’s drama I want to tell you all love just happens but how it happens nor can you understand it nor explain it. Aniket Thanks him for teaching them about love on this special day. Virat tells love isn’t confined to one day for true lovers everyday is Valentine’s day. Dean tells Sai she is lucky to find a husband like Virat.

Virat tells Sai so you still think I was here to keep an eye on you. Sai tells I know you weren’t here for me today, you were called here as you are a responsible IPS officer. Sai tells you handled this matter so well but why didn’t you arrest Ranjeet. Virat tells if I arrested him he wouldn’t have got chance to improve in life.

Aniket tells Sai Virat Chavan you are really lucky Virat sir has Such a personality. Sai tells there is no such love at first sight, proposal angle in our story. Aniket tells Virat to give a bouquet of roses to Sai, they request Virat to give it thinking it as a normal day for husband and wife. Aniket plays a song on his guitar.

Everyone gathers around Virat and Sai. Virat tells Sai love isn’t confined to one relationship, it can be between two people who wish good for each other and I have always wished good for you so this flowers are for you from my side. Sai takes the boquet and everyone claps.

Sai asks Virat to bring one rose while returning home for Pakhi. She might be waiting for a rose from you. Virat leaves from there.

Precap – Virat tells Pakhi this rose is for you. Pakhi tells I know very well this is to cover up you giving boquet to Sai. Virat tells the college students insisted so I had to give her, Pakhi asks him not to make lame excuses. Pakhi tells you forget what you say, you forgot me and still you are telling me what did I forget? Sai watches them from far.

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