Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th January 2021 Written Update: Virat gives advice to Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Pakhi tells Karishma what Sai will learn or not just let her know it’s preparation of maha bhoj so need of overreacting. Ashwini asks Sai to leave she will finish the job. Sai tells she will do it herself as she promised to do so. Bhavani tells she cut her hand today so that she can escape work tomorrow. Usha and Ashwini asks her to stop. Devyani tells Virat to come outside,Sai is outside.

Virat asks what’s going on? He asks Ashwini if everything is ok? Virat asks Sai that she was about to go to college what is she doing here? Pakhi tells now Sai will complain to her husband. Virat tells you don’t have to do this work you are late for college. Pakhi taunts and says your husband won’t let you do this small work. Bhavani tells until she finishes her work she won’t go anywhere. Virat asks if she is making Sai prepare the food? Pakhi tells complain about me to your husband.

Sai tells no need to stoop so low,that you won’t be able to rise. She tells I promised you not to insult you but that doesn’t mean I will listen to everything you say. Ninad and Omi insult Sai. Virat tells They could have let Sai visit college on time today. Virat asks Sai to leave. Bhavani says all daughter-in-law are working and Sai will also finish her work. Sai tells she has finished her job and listened to taunts also. Virat asks Sai how she got hurt? She tells while grinding spices.

Bhavani tells are you going to instigate Virat against us now? Pakhi gets jealous watching Virat hold Sai’s hand. Virat asks Pakhi to stop taunting Sai. He tells her way of talking is wrong. She tells you are like a lawyer for Sai. Sai tells this way you have an entire army of lawyers. Bhavani tells this girl started fights again. Virat applies ice on Sai’s wound and leaves with her. Virat buys icepack for her. Sai is angry and doesn’t show her hand. Virat doesn’t start Car and locks it. He tells he won’t let her go till he applies the ice pack. Sai has to agree and Virat applies the ice pack. He tells Sai to hold it between her hands it will relieve her pain. Sai thanks Virat.

Ashwini tells the food would be tasty as the spices were grinded by my daughter-in-law. Sai tells no one likes me in your family. Virat tells you are different from everyone so they will take time to adjust and understand. Sai tells there is something called humanity which couldn’t be seen in them today. She tells no matter how I behave they won’t accept me they just want to bring me down.Virat asks Sai to at least think about changing a little. Sai tells I am not a kid so I won’t run away from responsibility. Virat tells this is life to make connection between work and responsibility. Sai tells I don’t need to as I am not here forever.

She says as soon as I get my scholarship money and my father’s money I will move to hostel. Virat tells don’t you think you accepted your defeat so soon? He asks her to take it as a challenge and make place in everyone’s heart. He tells Sai fought with Jattab and Vitthal in Gadchiroli and here she can’t even stand in front of Bhavani and Ninad. Virat tells I know them,they are good from heart,he asks her to give them little time. Sai tells I don’t like anyone in this house.

Virat asks not even me? Or my mother? Or Devi tai? Sai tells Ashwini loves me a lot and Devi is so lovely and innocent. Virat asks do you think in hostel everyone will be like you? Sai tells maybe no. He tells her about problems she might face in hostel. Sai asks what does he want to prove? Virat tells her to do only what she can do no need to do work that she can’t. He tells once they accept you as one of them they won’t bother you anymore.

Precap- Bhavani praises Pakhi for insulting Sai and tells you are the one who can tie bell on this cat Sai’s neck.

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