Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th November 2020 Written Update: Pakhi decides to leave the house.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th November 2020 Written Update on

Pakhi gets a call from her house. She tells her parents Samrat is missing in action. Her family tells her to be strong. Pakhi tells her parents Samrat got to know about her and Virat. Pakhi says not only Samrat but Ashwini Kaki also knows about Pakhi and Virat relation. I cannot stay here. My heartbroke I beared it, my dreams broke I beared it but now my hopes are also shattered. Vitthal says for my son I can take anyone’s life. Sai is my son’s choice and if she did not come to this house than entire city will laugh at me. My head will be down, Vitthal Damodar Mane will become a joke for everyone. My fear in everyone is important, Sai will come to this house only just wait and watch.

Mansi is crying and praying to God, everyone tries to console her. Bhavani asks if there any news about Samrat, but there is no update and search operations are still ongoing. Pakhi brings water for Mansi as she haven’t ate or drank anything since she got the news. Pakhi goes in a corner and is on call, Ashwini tells her not to tell Virat anything about this because he will leave his mission and come home. Ashwini says I am Virat’s mother don’t teach me when to tell my son what.

Bhavani scolds Ashwini she needs to learn manners, Pakhi just got married and Samrat is missing she must be so much tensed instead of being with her why are you scolding her. Sunny says he agrees with Ashwini Kaki about not informing Virat about this matter. Ashwini leaves saying atleast someone in this house can understand her. Vitthal goon see a milkman late at night. Sai picks up knife as she heard a knock. Virat dressed up as a milkman to meet Sai and Bhola is standing disguised as Virat in place. Sai laughs at Virat and says this look suits you so much you should stay like this only.

Virat scolds her you think everything is funny I told you to keep the lights off. Sai starts crying, Virat says this is nice first do a mistake and than start crying. Sai tells him what mistake did I do to be trapped here. You separated me from everyone from my father, house and food in this mosquito house. Sai asks why did you come here dressed as a cartoon to make joke of me. Virat says when you disconnected the call I felt concerned so I came here to check on you.

Sai says my aaba and maushi can be connected with me but we don’t have any connection, you just keep scolding me half of the time and rest time telling me what to do what not do. Virat gives her tiffin and says I brought Ghar ka khana for you. Sai gets excited and starts eating, Virat gives her mosquito repellent and tells Sai I dont like scolding you but you keep doing such activities. Virat tells her you can ask anyone who knows me personally about my nature. Sai says what does his best friend Pakhi think about him?

Pakhi calls Neha and tells her I want to meet you now. Neha says her husband is in Mumbai how can she come now, what will your in laws think about you. Pakhi says I cannot stay here you meet me at my parents house I cannot stay here any longer, I don’t think what others will think everyone keeps taunting me. Pakhi tells everyone I am going to my house for some days. Mansi asks Pakhi if she thinks in such condition she should go to her in laws. I don’t need anyone’s permission to go to my house. Bhavani comes and says yes you need permission.

Precap – Army men come to Chavan house with some luggage.

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