Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th November 2021 Written Update: Virat takes stand for Ashwini

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ninad telling Virat that he should understand that he doesn’t feel anything for Ashwini and he doesn’t even wants to remember his wedding day. Sonali and Omkar taunts Sai that if she has decided then it will happen whether the person wants to celebrate or not. Ninad tells them donot celebrate their anniversary. Ashwini says that it’s good if they will not celebrate because there is nothing left in their relationship.

Virat reminds Ashwini that he is the product of their relationship if there is nothing left then who is he? He ask them why they bought him in this world as they regrets their relationship. Virat says that what he feels for him, he says that they regrets his birth. Sai stops Virat and ask why he is saying like this. Ashwini says that she is proud of him, if something good happened after her wedding is he. Ninad says that he is always very proud of him and cares alot for him. He ask why he got this question in his heart. Virat says that his father can give lots of love and respect to his wife this is what a father can do for a son.

Samrat supports Virat decision. Bhawani takes stand and says that now nobody will speak she will say, she says that she don’t have any son of her she loves Samrat and Virat. She says that getting a son like Virat is always a proud moment for the family and also says that she knows Ninad very well that’s why she knows that how much love Ninad does to him. Ninad says that whatever he wants to ask from him. Virat says that then let him and Sai celebrate his anniversary. Sonali and Omkar says that Virat has also changed and now started emotional blackmailing, Pakhi also supports them. Ninad says that till date Virat never questioned and asked anything from him so let them celebrate his anniversary.

Omkar says to Sonali that this was left to see that from beginning he thinks that Ninad words are stone line and now he is also changed. Ninad says that he cannot bend for anything for a father can do anything for his son, he ask Omi to listen and care for hi ms son too. Omi and Sonali says that he is no more the same he is changed. Sai thanked Ninad and says to Ashwini that tomorrow celebration they will remember always. Ninad says that he is ready to celebrate as he listened to his son but this doesn’t mean that anything will change between him and Ashwini.

Virat is sitting alone and thinks what Ninad told. Sai come to look for Virat and bought food for him as she knew he didn’t had anything from morning. Sai ask him what he is thinking about, she ask him to share as she is her friend. She feeds him and wipes his tears. Virat says that he is very angry, from childhood till date whenever Ninad insulted Ashwini, he was always there but he never supported her. And today he took stand for Ashwini and says that he realised that this step he would have taken before and chnage his Aayee future, he says that he is not a good son. Sai ask him not to blame himself, he says that he did blunder for not supporting Ashwini. Sai tries to explain him and console him. Virat says that Sai you helped him in this, she says that his mother is like her mother.

Virat shares his memories with his father with Sai, he tells that he loves him alot but he cannot pressurise him to love his wife. He says that he doesn’t know that his father could love his wife ever. Virat hugs Sai and cries on her shoulder.

Precap- Pakhi taunts Sai and Virat and says that says that now they are doing everything that outside their room. Virat ask her to stop, she says that they don’t even know waht they want. Sai thinks in her heart that they are friends now but can they go forward in their relationship.

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