Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th January 2021 Written Update: Karishma and Bhawani takes stand for Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat saying its the first day of college for Sai so she needs to start her by eating sweet. He gives her chocolate. Sai gets happy and she tries to take chocolate from Virat it it falls down by mistake. Virat says you must have gone through so much pain because of pasting the chillies. He thanks her for doing it for his family and also says sorry. Sai says no need to say sorry. Virat and Sai stare at each other. Virat says he wants to be the part of Sai’s journey.

Bhawani talks to Pandit and then Karishma says Sai must have gone through so much pain. Pakhi says when she irritates us all day we tolerate her. Then what is the problem If we gave her some work. She is selfish and she only cares for her own dream and for her own family. Bhawani says only Pakhi can control Sai. She can only tie the bell in her neck.

Shivani arrives at college and Sai gets surprised. Shivani says she wanted to meet Sai. She asks how is Sai after doing so much work ? Ashwini told her everything. Sai shows her hands and Shivani gets surprised. She tells that come with me we’ll have some coffee and also she tells Sai not to call her bua.

Shivani and Sai sit together and talk about Pakhi. Shivani says Virat cares for Pakhi too much. There’s no need of it. She also says why Sai brought Pakhi back. Sai says she did all these because Virat cares for Pakhi. Virat was hurt. Shivani says but for how many days things will continue like this.

Virat remembers Sai. Here, Sai says she wants to concentrate on studies only. She will leave the house after some years. Shivani says don’t say like this. You can’t find a lovable husband like Virat. He cares for you so much. He has changed all the rules in his house only for you. Sai remembers all the sweet moments she spent with Virat. She smiles.

Bhawani starts taunting Sai that before sandhya aarti bahu should be inside the house. But Sai is breaking all the rules and god knows what is she doing. Ruining our status. Ashwini comes and says she is not ruining anything, she is only fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. She tells Bhawani to stop her blabbering. Bhawani says Shivani too is breaking rules and going outside without informing anyone. Its the effect of staying with Sai. Pakhi supports Bhawani. Ashwini says Sai teaches nothing wrong. She influences people for good only.

Sai says she has to reach home as soon as possible. Shivani says nobody is waiting for her in the house. A person comes suddenly and gets romantic with Shivani. Sai thinks he is a random guy. She gets hyper and starts shouting at him by saying how dare you do that with Shivani. You shameless. I am the wife of an IPS officer. He will arrest you. Shivani stops her and says and he is her boyfriend. They are dating each other. Sai says sorry to Amay. Amay says I was never welcomed like this before.

Virat gets worried for Sai and video calls her. Sai didn’t receive it as Shivani stops her from doing so as Virat can see her boyfriend. She calls Virat. Sai says why did you call me? Do you want to see my face. Virat says I want to see your injured hands. Virat again tries to talk to her through video call. Sai picks it up by going outside and shows her hands only. Virat why are you showing you hands. Sai says you wanted to see my hands only. Virat gets surprised and also asks for taking her out for dinner. Sai says like this she can’t have dinner. Virat is quite unhappy hearing all these. Sai cuts the call.

Precap– A lady comes to Virat’s House and insults Shivani for dating her husband. Shivani gets shocked and all the family members also remain shocked.

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