Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th May 2021 Written Update: Pakhi blocks Sai’s way

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashwini praying to God for Virat. She says she will keep fast. Bhavani says all of us are worried. Nothing will happen to Virat. Bhavani tells Sonali to give Ashwini food. Ashwini refuses to eat until Virat gets better. Sonali says don’t sacrifice your health.

Mohit informs Ashwini that Virat’s operation is successful. Ashwini thanks God. Karishma asks mistakenly who is staying with Virat? I forgot Pakhi is taking care of him. Sonali signals Karishma. Ashwini gets shocked and tells Ninad how can you leave your son alone like that. Why such things are happening in the house which should not happen.

Sai is unable to sleep. She wakes up and cries. She misses Virat as well. Other side, Pakhi recalls Ashwini’s words that Pakhi is noone to Virat. She stands near window and cries. (Ghum hai kisike payar mai plays) Next morning Virat gains his consciousness and gets overwhelmed seeing Sai sitting in front of him. Sai says yes your wife should be here for you right? Promise me that you will never scold me or tell me to leave.

Virat asks did you forgive me? Sai says ofcourse. Virat holds Sai’s hand and tries to get up. Later his imagination ends. Back to reality, its Pakhi instead of Sai whose hand Virat is holding. He releases it and again lies on bed. Pakhi asks him is he fine? Virat asks her what are you doing here? Where is Sai? Why you stayed.

Pakhi says as a friend I stayed to take care of you. I had no wrong intentions. Virat says I am not a kid that I’ll need a caretaker. Where are others?

Pakhi says many people are not allowed in the hospital so they left. Virat asks Sai has come to see me or not? Pakhi ignores and doesnt tell him. Virat keeps asking. Pakhi says yes Sai came. Virat tells her and you sent Sai away? Pakhi says I took care of you by staying awake whole night and you are blaming me for sending your wife away.

Virat tells Pakhi to give him the phone. Virat checks his phone and gets happy seeing Sai’s missed calls. Virat sees the network is not available. He tells Pakhi to leave as she is neither nurse or doctor. She doesn’t need to trouble herself. Pakhi says she cares for Virat. Virat says I told you million times Sai is my wife and you are Samrat’s wife.

Don’t cross the limit. In absence of Samrat and Sai you should come to me like this. Pakhi says will you tell Sai to leave just how you are telling me? Virat says stop comparing yourself with Sai. Sai is my wife. Don’t complicate things. He places Sai above on his priority list. Pakhi leaves.

Sub-Inspector comes and informs Virat that Sai was crying for him and was also worried. Virat gets happy thinking Sai cried for him. Virat says he can’t wait to meet Sai now. When will she come.

Sai reaches hospital and asks about Virat. She rushes to see him. Pakhi informs Chavans that Virat is fine and talking as well. Chavans get relief. Sonali tells Ashwini to eat something. Pakhi says to Ninad whatever she needs in the hospital she will tell this to Sonali. Sai is about to enter Virat’s room but Pakhi blocks her way. Sai gets shocked.

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Precap- Pakhi calls Sai selfish who can never take care of Virat. Pakhi tells Sai to leave. Sai asks Virat what’s his decision? He wants her to stay here or not.

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