Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th December 2020 Written Update: Pakhi helps Sai to get ready for reception.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th December 2020 Written Update on

Pakhi knocks on Virat’s room. Pakhi tells him your mother doesn’t like me talking to you but whenever you talk to me please take permission from her. Virat says I will talk with her but will you help Sai in getting ready for today’s reception. Sai enters shouting that I am not a small child and why do you care who helps me in getting ready? Pakhi agrees with her. Virat tells Sai becuase I want you to learn from Pakhi. You can learn from her experience. Sai says why do you want me to get ready like a bride and celebrate. This marriage is a deal, isn’t it. Sai asks what did I say that Pakhi doesn’t know,last night I overheard you in balcony.

Pakhi says
Sai asks why are you explaining to me,you don’t have to do so and I don’t want to get ready. Virat says even I want to but I am doing so and we have to do it for my family. Pakhi understands this house and its rituals. He asks her to get Sai ready and bring her home. Pakhi asks Sai not to think of her as enemy. Sai says I know a lot of people are on your side.

Sai tells I am here only for some years,only you know about our because you are so close to Virat. Pakhi says pairs are made in heaven and no one can go against God. Sai says I promise you my marriage is a deal and it will remain so. Pakhi says I am a married woman whose husband is missing.

Sai asks why don’t you agree Virat is much more than a friend for you. I don’t have any problem with that now get me ready as you want. Ashwini is taking care of preparations. Mohit says when we were married no guests came but today so much celebration is going on. Karishma says I and Sai are same small house girls this difference is because of you.

Virat is a successful IPS officer and you are struggling with roles. Pakhi brings Sai down. Ashwini tells her she is looking very beautiful. Virat goes to Mansi’s room and tells her how you think I am not worried about Samrat. Mansi asks is that why you are celebrating when you know he is still missing. Pakhi’s parents comes and Pakhi hugs them. Virat tells Mansi my Jeeva is a fighter and I can feel in my heart wherever he is he is well. Even today I am not sad in his absence because I know he is well. Virat asks her to join the reception for Samrat.

Mansi nods her head. Pakhi’s father tells her Virat has moved forward now wait for Samrat. Virat and Sai are with each other and with Samrat’s return your jodi would be complete. Virat brings Mansi down with him. Ashwini tells Sai Virat always thinks about others more than himself. She tells Sai to keep calm. Virat makes fun of Sai. They stand together and receive gifts from guests. Sai asks am I hot headed. Virat says prove it otherwise.

Precap – Bhavani tells Sai your father went away without teaching you manners. Sai replies if I was bad and ill mannered everyone would have problem with me but it is not us,Ashwini doesn’t have any problem with me. Bhavani says so your mother in law is teaching you all this. Ashwini says Sai is behaving the same way you are treating her. Bhavani gets angry and ready to leave the house.

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