Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th January 2021 Written Update: Sai stands in support of Shivani.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Shivani’s boyfriend gifts her a phone cover she gets excited. He gets call again and again from someone named Sarita. Sai asks Shivani if Amay is serious about her. Shivani tells she got divorced twice so I don’t talk about marriage anymore. Shivani tells I know what is in my heart,Sai tells her to ask her bf about his wish.

Shivani asks him if he wants to marry,he tells he has been waiting for a long time. He shows her that he got that their name printed on the car. Sai thinks Shivani paid for his car,his mobile she finds something suspicious. Sai thinks about her date with Virat and tells she will go home for now. Sai reaches home,Pakhi asks her if her hand is ok now. Sai asks her if she is worried about her now? Bhavani asks Sai to behave well with Sai because Pakhi is always right.

Pakhi asks if you are not daughter-in-law than why are you staying with Virat? Sai asks her what is her problem? That she is with Virat or she doesn’t help in work? Ashwini takes Sai from there and brings food for her and asks her about her day. Ashwini tells people in this house couldn’t understand you but your husband understands you. Virat always understands me but sometimes even he blames me.

Ashwini tells he is right you have to maintain balance between your studies and house work. Sai tells she is not hungry,she will eat in some time when Virat returns. Shivani asks Sai to come to her room. Virat gets a call from DIG for an urgent raid. He tells there is a party at his house. Virat tells it is difficult for him to come as he promised his wife to have dinner with her. Shivani brings pastries for Sai. Shivani tells I could have never gathered courage to ask him for marriage if you didn’t encourage me.

Shivani tells only your are here to support me otherwise Bhavani and Ninad always thinks I shouldn’t even dream about marriage. Sai says I should thank your boyfriend as he is so much caring and loving for you. Sai asks you could have gifted him Amay after marriage. Shivani tells she wants to marry and have kids soon. Sai asks her to be happy always.

Some ladies come shouting at Shivani and a lady tells Shivani is having an affair with my husband. Bhavani says Shivani is so excited to get married that maybe now she is breaking other people’s house. The ladies tell Bhavani your husband was such a respected person and your family is destroying is his name and you are silent?

Precap- Omi calls Shivani . The ladies try to throw black ink on Shivani’s face but Sai stops them and tells it was Amay’s fault not Shivani he should be apologizing to Shivani. Virat comes and watches Sai fighting with everyone for Shivani.

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