Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th November 2020 Written Update: Virat devices a plan and rescues Pari.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th November 2020 Written Update on

Karishma says I started doubting the day we went to Patralekha Bhabhi’s house for haldi and Virat called her Pakhi when neither of us knew about it. Karishma says if you don’t trust me you can ask Sunny bhaiya, I heard him talking with Pakhi. Sunny says Pakhi and Virat met in Yoga retreat and they are just good friends. Ninad says there is nothing wrong with this. Ashwini asks why did she hide about it from everyone.

Pakhi says not everyone can understand and sometimes it is difficult to understand. Bhavani says yes I can understand now they are friends from before that’s why Pakhi talks with Virat. Ninad shouts at Ashwini and asks her to keep quiet as everyone is already worried about Samrat. Ashwini says since the day I came to this house you don’t like to say truth and neither like to hear.

Virat brings medicine for Kamal sir and tells him to do exercise. He tells him Sai loves you lot. Sai calls Virat and tells Vitthal has arrested Pari and I am going to rescue her. I can’t take chance, I am going to save Pari. I won’t let any harm occur to her due to me. Virat races towards Sai in his jeep.

Army men arrive at house with Samrat’s luggage and tell they are still searching. Mansi breaks down crying. Karishma goes to call Pakhi. Pakhi says now what have you told everyone, why do you have to interfere in my life so much. Karishma says you don’t have to answer me now, answer Virat Dada when he will ask you why Samrat had to leave so soon.

Bhavani tries to console Mansi and asks her to be strong. Ninad tells Pakhi they are still searching this is just routine procedure. They give her documents and asks her to sign as she is Samrat’s wife. Shivani says be strong, everything will be fine. Mansi says if Samrat wouldn’t have joined the regiment one day after marriage this wouldn’t have happened. Sai tries to rescue Pari, but Vitthal lays a trap and catches Sai too but then they are shocked to find that it is not Sai.

Vitthal says Acp is trying to fool us. Virat enters and says not trying, I really fooled you. He fires in air and says if anyone moves he will die. You attacked me, you sent me letter but I couldn’t take any action because I didn’t have any proof. Virat says but today I have everything now you are gone. Virat says Pari not to worry and come near him.

Vitthal catches Pari and threatens to kill her with a broken alcohol bottle. Vitthal says so what if Sai isn’t here, I Will send Pari to land of Pari’s. Virat aims his gun at him.

Precap – Kamal is shot in his jeep. He says I fulfilled my duty to nation but couldn’t take care of my daughter. Sai dressed like a bride tells Virat you are responsible for my father’s death, you are responsible for breaking my dreams, you are only responsible for ruining my life. Virat says yes I am responsible because I took your responsibility due to my duty.

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