Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th January 2021 Written Update: Sai promises to prove Shivani’s innocence.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Ashwini tells she will call Shivani and there is no need to blame the family for that. Omi shouts and calls Shivani. Bhavani tells you have insulted us in entire city and today you crossed all limits. Mansi asks what is going on? Bhavani tells these ladies are here to tell about Shivani. Shivani is in relation with his husband. Shivani tells Amay never told me he is married,they are all falsely accusing me. The lady shows her marriage picture to Shivani. Ninad shouts at Shivani. The lady asks Shivani to leave her husband alone and all of them taunt and tell bad words to her.

One of the ladies tells her she is a disgrace to society and tries throwing black ink on Shivani’s face but Sai holds her hand and throws the bottle. She tells her how dare you talk to my aunt like this? She tells them to behave and threatens them to stay away from her. Shivani tells Sai to inform everyone about Amay. Pakhi tells Sai to stay quiet and let the elders talk. She tells the elders are watching Shivani get insulted,I am not going to do so.

Sai tells you are blaming Shivani without even knowing the truth. Sai tells your husband is the liar here,he took money from Shivani and lied to her about marriage. Bhavani tells Sai to not insult the family anymore. Sai tells I am from Gadchiroli and if you try to talk like this I am going to show you ladies your true place. Sai tells her to go and ask her husband who paid for his phone,who paid for his car. She tells find out the truth about your husband . He is after other ladies money,he is greedy.

Amay’s sister asks Shivani to apologise. Sai tells Shivani is not going to apologise to anyone,she is the one who deserves apology here. Sai tells them to look behind,ACP Virat Chavan is my husband and he will arrest your husband for lying and cheating my aunt. Virat tells Aai Sapath if he doesn’t see tomorrow’s morning in Jail he won’t even think about playing with any girl. Ninad tells Virat not to drag this matter into police station.

Sai tells yes it is better to not involve police,because when our own family members are not with us what is the use in blaming society. Sai tells I take the responsibility to prove Shivani innocent. She tells Shivani it is not time to cry but to make Amay cry and anyone like him who likes to blame ladies for everything. Shivani thanks Sai. Sai tells Ninad to stay quiet,she asks Ninad if he cannot stop people mistreating with your sister why are you stopping me? Pakhi tells Sai she doesn’t know how to talk with elders.

Sai tells I will definitely show Amay his true place. Karishma thinks Sai is not jangli mulgi but Lioness of the forest. Bhavani tells she wants to talk with Virat. Sai tries to explain Shivani to stay calm and not cry. Shivani tells he kept lying and cheating and I could never find out the truth. Shivani tells I was always afraid about this. Sai tells he cheated on you,he used your money. Shivani tells maybe I should have listened to everyone in the family,I always did what I thought was right but today I am ashamed of myself. Sai tells her not to cry for a cheater,we will make him cry. She tells Shivani not worry now she will handle Amay.

Precap – Sai tells Amay that she loved the way how he treated Shivani and she invites him over.Amay asks her she is married and he is single so how will she manage? Sai tells him she will handle her husband and invites him to house. Virat listens to this and asks who is she talking with?

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