Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th January 2021 Written Update: Sai plans to trap Amay.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th January 2021 Written Update on

Virat tells I will arrest that cheater. Bhavani tells you and Sai don’t care about this family. She asks what does Sai want? Shivani is having and affair with a married man and Sai is defending her. Virat says yes Shivani did nothing wrong instead she got wronged. Ninad tells you are worried about Shivani getting cheated what about all of us who were cheated? Sai is dividing this family.

Ninad tells you may agree or not but Sai will ruin this family. Ashwini tells she single handedly saved your sister,none of us stood with her. Sonali says only one shameless can support another shameless. Virat tells only because Shivani is a divorcee none of you are Supporting her? Bhavani tells no we are wrong,we should have made her sit at home after her second divorce. Pakhi tells neither Sai would have met that guy nor any of this would have happened.

Pakhi tells I don’t have anything against Shivani but I can’t let others disrespect elders in front of me. Virat tells her none of you could gather courage to support Shivani. Only Sai showed the truth to those ladies. Bhavani says explaining to you is like banging one’s head on stone. Sai takes Amay’s number from Shiavni. Sai calls him and tells I stole your number. She tells him I felt nice to meet you today,she flirts with him and tells him I liked your style,smile and personality.

She tells I wished I had someine handsome and dashing boy like you who would care for me like you. Sai tells him he won’t tell Shivani about this? He tells definitely not. Amay tells I liked your hairs,cheeks,lips I have never seen someone so beautiful. Sai asks him to meet her at the coffe shop. Sai tells I don’t want to be part of a crowd,there is a S behind your can’t it be Sai.

Amay tells her you are married,Sai asks him are married? Virat tells Pakhi what Sai did today,you should have supported her. Pakhi tells like always your wife is correct and I am wrong. Virat asks her not to blame Sai for anything wrong that happens. Amay tells I am single but if you want you can change it. Sai tells Shiavni is stealing money to gift him. She tells don’t you know my husband is ACP, Amay tells Sai please help me escape.

Sai tells him take me to my hometown and I will give you money you can pay Shivani back. Sai tells him not to worry and meet her outside the house,she will give her jwellery and he can pay Shivani back. Amay tells I don’t live Shivani she is old enough to be my aunt. Sai tells him I am missing you so much,Amay asks her she is married so how is she going to handle all this? Sai tells my husband is very rude neither he talks with me nor he loves me so I will handle it. You just think about us. Virat asks whom are you talking with.

Precap – Virat asks Sai to talk properly with his family members or he will start talking in her tone. Bhavani and Sai fight again. Virat gets angry at Sai.

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