Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th November 2020 Written Update: Pakhi bonds with Bhavani

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th November 2020 Written Update on

Vitthal tells Virat to put down gun or else he will kill Pari. Virat puts down his gun instantly, Vitthal says today you listened to me instantly. Virat says are you mad? You threatened to kill a little girl so I dropped my gun, now do what you want.

Vitthal says you don’t know who I am, Virat says entire Gadhchiroli know who Bhau Vitthal Mane is,even I know. Vitthal says to Pari don’t cry, once I reach the forest you will be free no one will catch me. Virat says who will catch you, you are free to go, and starts counting one two… Vitthal gets irritated and shouts what are doing, Virat says can’t you see I don’t have any work so I am counting and he continues one, two and as he says three Kamal jumps at Vitthal. Virat frees Pari.

Kamal strangles Vitthal and says your son is useless, today I am going to kill you. Virat says Kamal sir you only taught me our work is to catch criminals not take law in our hand. They arrest Vitthal, he says I will come out in 2hours and then kill you both. Kamal says don’t worry you won’t be alone in jail, your son Will join you soon. Bhavani asks Mohit to open Samrat’s bag. Omi takes out Samrat’s uniform and says Samrat looked so good in it. He says It seems Samrat will come from that door and shout where are you Shiva, your Jeeva is here, How are you Omi uncle? Ashwini Kaki I am hungry.

Mohit takes out a photograph of Pakhi and says vahini maybe you didn’t knew that bhai had this picture of yours. Karishma says how would she know when she never considered him her husband,she says Samrat was at home only one night and even dn instead of talking to her husband she was talking to someone else. Sunny asks her to see the situation now, Karishma tells him he knows everything and still he is telling her to keep quiet. Bhavani says Karishma to learn manners and respect Pakhi or she will be punished. Ashwini says why punish those who are responsible, punish her because of whom all these is happening.

Pakhi runs away from there and breakdown crying. Pari calls Sai and tells she is safe, she is now in hospital, Pari tells your father is a hero but Acp sir is a super hero. Kamal tells Sai that we have put security at Balekhram’s house also. Maushi tells Sai don’t worry I am taking care of your father and Virat sir is also with me last day he scolded him to eat medicine like you. Shivani comes and Tells Pakhi to be strong, Samrat will be back soon, they are still searching him. Bhavani comes and tells Pakhi not to worry much about what others say.

Pakhi thanks Bhavani that you have always trusted me so much and never said anything wrong about me. When I came to this I house I touch your feet because you were the eldest but today I am touching your feet because your heart is also very big. Bhavani says I will always be there for you, she asks but tell me did anything ever happen between you and Virat?

Precap same as last day.

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