Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin: Is Virat falling for Sai?

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With viewers thinking the track is going slow, with all the blame game going on, Sai getting all the taunts, Viewers want to see Virat and Sai’s story. But here, makers are all set to make Sai fall into another trouble by making her help Devyaani. We all know how protective everyone is regarding Devyani, everyone feels angry when Sai tries to even talk to Devyaani and if the secrets of Devyaani come in front of everyone then Ninand and Bhavani will not leave Sai in peace. How will Sai and Virat handle this situation?

Will Virat even be with Sai or on the other side? With Sai meeting a guest lecturer named Dr. Pulkit Deshpande, it is felt that he is the one who has some connection with Devyani. Only time will tell about the twist and whether Devyani really had a baby and husband or not.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Virat asking Sai why she talked to Amay like that? Sai will say our marriage is a deal so we both can flirt with anyone they want, isn’t it so? Virat says he didn’t like the way Sai talked to Amay.

Later, Bhavani and Pakhi planning something against Sai. Bhavani will stop Sai from going to college saying it’s her turn to cook food for everyone. Sai will say okay. Bhavani and Pakhi will be surprised. Sai will say but Karishma has to cut vegetables and Pakhi has to grind spices. Bhavani and Pakhi look on.

What will Bhavani do next? Will Pakhi be able to make Sai’s life more difficult? What taunts are left for Sai to hear now?

Will Virat be able to see all the injustice done to Sai?

With Virat revealing that he was jealous because of the way Sai talked to Amay, will this change things for Sai and Virat for good?

Is this a sign that Virat is falling for Sai? Keep following this space for more.