Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin leap yet might happen

By Anil Merani: The confusion about the upcoming leap in  Ghum Hai  Kisse Ke  Pyaar Meiin ranks, and the channel continues to fester.

Recent reports suggested that the production house Cockcrow & Shaika had cancelled the upcoming leap due to fan anger.  

 The fans, deeply emotionally invested in the show, are eagerly anticipating the romance between Savi and Ishaan. Their strong reaction against any leap is a testament to their profound passion and unwavering dedication.

Not wanting to upset the apple cart (Ghum is the # 2 show), the makers have decided to hold the leap and not cancel, as some reports had suggested

  Inside buzz suggests that the makers have decided to give some time to the new Karanvir Bohra physio guy track.    If it gains momentum, then there will be no leap. If not, then the leap might happen sometime in the future. Hence, the KV track has been labeled as a cameo, but if it garners significant viewership, there’s a possibility of it evolving into a long-running one.

The preparation for the possible leap is already in play a new set is also being erected

 Our take: Would it not be better if the makers followed fan suggestion and crafted a track where Ishaan asks Savi for forgiveness, and then the story goes ahead. Agreed you require drama, and no one wants to see a happy couple still, indeed happy moments are the need of the hour.

  If you keep the fans happy, then you do not need to worry about ratings. Their satisfaction is the key to the show’s success and longevity.

If the production house and the channel insist on a leap, there’s a significant risk that viewers may not warm up to the new lead. Leaps often prove to be unsuccessful, and while it was a hit in the second generation, there’s no guarantee of a repeat success. The channel wouldn’t want its top-ranking show to jeopardize its popularity.