Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin: Pakhi and Virat have a heartfelt conversation

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With Sai entering the house without Bhavani’s permision, now the high voltage drama will be all about Sai getting accepted by all. Ashwini takes pledge to not let Sai suffer like her or to get sad due to family members. Sai feels grateful to have someone like Ashwini. Ashwini also praises Virat, how he always takes everyone’s care.

Virat will be seen saying sorry but also requests everyone to understand but no one does and only Sunny remains his support system. At night, Virat and Pakhi will have a heartfelt conversation where Pakhi will ask who is she in his life? Virat says someone who is his friend and he will always stand for her. Virat says can I ask something from you. Pakhi says yes. Virat asks Pakhi to be Sai’s guide in this house so that she doesn’t suffer. Pakhi ignores it.

With Karishma being excited that now she won’t be taunted, and how Sai will be the source of new drama. We can see some major drama and challenges coming up for Sai. Will Sai be able to handle it with the help of her supporters? This will be interesting to watch.

In upcoming episodes, we will see Ashwini trying to plan for post wedding rituals to which Bhavani will say I have not accepted this marriage and Virat and Sai will also say no for this marriage.

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