Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin: Sai to help Devyaani next?

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With Sai stubborn to prove her point. She is very determined. Viewers love this about Sai that how she always stands up for wrong and doesn’t keep quiet because of any kind of pressures. This makes Sai stand out. By making Amay’s lies come out, Shivani is very thankful to Sai.

Amay is about to slap Shivani but Virat will come and stop him. He will ask his constables to come and arrest him. Though Amay will request not to arrest Virat will not listen to him. Bhavani will see all this and will be angry at Sai for not saying sorry and for creating such a scene outside the house. Bhavani will give Pakhi a free hand to do whatever she thinks is right, with the main objective being Sai to learn a good lesson.

In the upcoming episodes, Devyani will learn from Shivani that Sai helped her and set things right for Shivani. Devyani will say how she always knew Sai is a very good person. Devyani will later think that Sai is very smart and she can help her with solving her own problem. So Devyani will go to Sai.

Slowly she will start the conversation where she wi tell Sai how she used to be married and had a child. Sai will be shocked to know this. Devyani will request Sai to help her. She says she is unable to find them, and please help her find them. Sai will wonder if it’s the true or made-up story as Devyani is not in that condition. But still, Sai will say she will search about it.

Sai will be clueless about where to start finding from. But surely one thing is known that the family, specially Bhavani will not like Sai getting involved with Devyani’s stuff and this might lead to Virat being upset with Sai again. What will Sai do this time?

With Pakhi having a free hand to do anything to teach Sai lesson, what will she do?

With so much revenge to be taken from Sai, will Sai be able to manage everything? Keep following this space for more.