Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein: Ishaan gets caught in an embarrassing situation?

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StarPlus TV’s popular show Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin serial is witnessing some major turning points where Savi exposes the admin office scam.

As reported earlier, Savi accuses the admin office of stealing the money of the student’s fee and she demands Ishaan to check their bags.

Ishaan checks all of admin officers bags and he finds money in Satham Sir’s bag. Ishaan asks Satham about the money. Satham says this money belongs to him.

Savi hearing this asks Satham if this money belongs to him then will they not find two 500 notes with a pencil mark and she also says the serial nos of the notes. Satham says they will not find it.

Savi when she checks the notes shows the two notes to Ishaan. It is shown Savi learns that Nikhil is going to pay the term fee today. Savi asks Nikhil to pay the money in cash and says they will mark two 500 notes and they will also write down their serial numbers. Savi says with this they can expose the truth. Nikhil agrees.

Ishaan apologises to all the students and says he will find out the truth soon.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Ishaan to run into Savi. Ishaan says to Savi that he would like to talk to him. Savi mocks Ishaan saying he might be trying to thank him privately and says she accepts his thanks. Savi later leaves from there. Ishaan follows Savi into the washroom without realising it.

The students spot Ishaan going into the lady’s room washroom. The students think Ishaan is doing a romance with Savi in the washroom. Ishaan sees that he came into the girl’s washroom without realising it. Ishaan leaves the washroom and sees all the students outside the washroom. Reeva also spots Ishaan.

What will happen next?

Will Ishaan hold Savi accountable for his embarrassing situation?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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