Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Can Ashwini convince Sai?

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The viewers are eager to know Sai’s next plan. Viewers are intrigued to find out how story unfolds further.

In the current track, we have seen Virat asking what is the problem in eating at dining table? Pakhi tells why are you taking out Sai’s anger on me? Virat tells I am just asking to have dinner on dining table. Pakhi tells I won’t ever forget whatever was there between us. Virat tells how am I insulting you by asking you to eat downstairs? Pakhi tells you have moved forward in your life but I am still standing there. Virat tells fine I won’t eat today. Pakhi tells you are worried because you sent Sai out of the house but you are missing her.

Bhavani asks Sai what is she doing here when Virat asked her to leave? Ashwini tells she isn’t inside your house so you cannot tell her to leave from here. Sai tells I have one incomplete work and I will leave after finishing it. Bhavani calls Virat downstairs and tells Ashwini is feeding Sai. Virat comes out and asks Ashwini what is this? Ashwini tells she is doing her responsibility as a mother,if I am feeding my daughter I don’t think I am doing anything wrong.

She tells Virat you have already stooped low by asking Sai to leave the house now don’t stoop any lower by not letting them eat. She tells Virat till today I have fed everyone in this house since the day I came here. I never asked for anything in return and didn’t take any salary, today I am taking this plate of food in return.

Sai tells Ashwini she won’t eat this food and she won’t return in Chavan Nivas ever.

In the upcoming episode Sai will gather crowd outside Chavan Nivas and she will tell she isn’t worried about herself but she prays for Devyani that her family doesn’t do any injustice to her in future.

Will Sai find a way back into Chavan Nivas?

What will Sai do to take revenge?

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