Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Can Ashwini make Virat realize his mistake?

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With Virat throwing Sai out of the house, the viewers are liking the new track where Sai brings out the truth in front of everyone.

The current episode started with Sai telling she will never return to Chavan Nivas until they apologize to her. Sai tells I know one thing that Devyani is happy and I can do anything for her happiness. Pulkit tells Devyani he used to think about her every moment. Devyani tells I forgot everything but I never forgot you. She tells Sai and Virat love each other a lot but Virat is unable to express his love. Devyani tells Virat used to love Pakhi and Sai thinks Virat still loves Pakhi.

Sai wakes up in the morning and thinks about Virat’s words. She opens the doors of Chavan Nivas and starts gathering crowd. Ashwini asks Virat didn’t he sleep well last night? Bhavani tells Sai and Usha were sitting outside the house whole night, she asks if they are sitting outside the house or not? Sai gathers the neighbors outside Chavan Nivas and tells everyone that I and Usha were waiting outside the house whole night. She tells them that Virat has thrown us out of the house.

Sai tells the true story of Devyani and Pulkit to everyone. The neighbors praise Sai and tell she should be rewarded for it. Ashwini tells Virat he doesn’t need to worry because when he returns from office there is someone to take care of him. Bhavani tells Ashwini are you talking about Pakhi? Are you jealous of Pakhi for this? Pakhi comes and tells Bhavani to come outside and watch what is happening. Sai shouts and tells everyone that my husband Virat Chavan threw me out of the house at midnight. Ashwini tells Pakhi to tell clearly what she has came to tell.

In the upcoming episode, Sai will gather crowd outside Chavan Nivas and she tells she isn’t worried about herself but she prays for Devyani that they cannot do any injustice to her in future.

How will Virat react to this?

Will Sai return to Chavan Nivas?

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