Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Can Sai stop Virat from arresting Pulkit?

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The viewers are enjoying the head to head fight between Sai and Virat and they are eager to see the results of this fight.

In the current track, Virat tells Pulkit that he is under arrest. Sai asks Virat to show arrest warrant. Pulkit shows Virat the original documents with Devyani’s name written as his wife’s. Devyani tells Virat now you know the truth so you will let me marry Pulkit? Virat tells he will prove that Pulkit’s documents are fake. Sai tells him he has no right to stop this marriage until then.

Bhavani tries to stop the marriage but Sai and other guests stop her. Pulkit and Devyani complete the last vow and Pandit Ji tells now the marriage is complete. Bhavani leaves from there. Pulkit thanks Sai. Back at Chavan Nivas everyone starts criticizing Sai for her action. Ashwini cannot believe why Sai would do this. Devyani tells Sai not to go home because Virat is very angry with her. Sai tells why to be afraid when she didn’t do anything wrong. The episode ends with Virat saying that, “Sai did wrong today and all this is because of the freedom I gave her but it’s enough now you all will see what I do with Sai”.

In the upcoming episode Virat will tell that after today neither will anyone think about Sai nor take her name. Virat will say that there is no place for Sai in his heart or his house. Sai will ring the bell. Virat will not allow anyone to open the door.

How will Sai make entry in Chavas Nivas again?

Will Sai be able to control Virat’s anger?

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