Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Can Virat stop Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage?

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The final stage of Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage is here and they are finally about to get married. The viewers are excited to find out the outcome of this marriage.

In the current episode Virat reaches Pulkit’s house. He inquires about Sangita to the neighbors and finds out they don’t know anything about her. Sonali tells we found Sangita’s letter burned in kitchen and tells Sai might have done this. Devyani enjoys Pulkit’s baraat and asks Sai to be her mother-in-law.

Sai does the rituals as Pulkit’s mother-in-law. Virat finds out Sai is in Pawni lodge. Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage begin. Pulkit tells Devyani let us complete the rituals now. Pandit ji tells to exchange garlands. Devyani remembers her marriage in temple with Pulkit. Pulkit tells today we are marrying again so that no one can separate us, today our long wait is finally over.

Sai prays to God for Devyani’s happiness and does Devyani’s Kanyadaan and Gathbandhan. Sai fears Virat might be coming here anytime. Bhavani gets furious on Sai for running away with her daughter. Devyani tells Pulkit to put the necklace Sai gave her with mangalsutra because it is her most precious gift. Virat reaches Pawni lodge and informs Pakhi about Sai’s location. Bhavani leaves for lodge along with Omkar and Ninad. The episode ends with Sai looking at Virat walking towards them.

In the upcoming episode Bhavani will tell that history is going to repeat itself. Virat tells Pulkit that he is going to arrest him for the crime of manipulating a mental patient and marrying her against her family’s wishes but Sai comes in between Pulkit and Virat.

What is Virat going to do next?

Can Sai convince Virat to accept this marriage?

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