Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Is Virat’s life in danger?

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Star Plus’s popular show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is gaining TRPs, as Virat has confessed his love. We will see Virat telling he loves Sai to his friend but with the separation track of Sai and Virat, the real confession has been delayed. An upset Virat who has realised his love for Sai but his actions hurt Sai. Here, even Sai feels incomplete but what the viewers are waiting to know is the reunion of the couple.

In the current track, Pakhi brings food for Virat. Pakhi tells how he can share all his pain with her. Pakhi taunts band bad mouths Virat. Virat says he can’t listen anyone say bad about Sai as she is his wife. Virat tells Pakhi he loves Sai and there is nothing wrong it. Pakhi gets shocked and heart broken. Virat further adds how his feelings for Pakhi that he felt before has gone. Pakhi cries. Pakhi curses Virat and tells him how he will suffer the same way she is, as Sai will not forgive him at all. Virat asks her to stop screaming and concentrate on her husband. Ashwini gives final warning to Pakhi to not go to Virat and she will handle Virat herself. Virat informs everyone that she is going on a secret mission. Bhavani says doesn’t he trust us. Virat says it’s about my duty and I will do what’s right. Here, Sai comes to college after biding Usha bye. Pulkit makes Sai understand how he knows Virat did wrong but she should have come to his house instead do going to Gadchiroli. Pulkit also makes Sai realise how Virat loves her and Sai is affected by his actions because she feels for him. This surprises Sai.

In the upcoming episodes, Virat will go on a dangerous mission and will call Sai but she will not pick up. Sai will later know that Virat is in danger so she will panic. Virat will be firing and fighting.

What is in store for Sai? Will Sai agree to return ever? How will Virat cope up? Is this the end of Pakhi’s story? Keep following this space for more information on your favourite shows.