Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Can Pulkit convince everyone to let Devyani come with him?

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With Pulkit promising to return for a grand wedding before he takes Devyani with her the viewers are hooked to the show to find out if Pulkit can remarry Devyani or he will fall in some of Bhavani’s evil plans.

Pulkit tells he will fulfil Devyani’s dream and marry her in front of the entire world. Virat supports Pulkit.Ninad asks Pulkit where were was he from so many years? Sonali says he may have some need that is why he is here. Pulkit tells I would have never found out that Devyani is waiting for me,if Sai didn’t tell me.

Devyani is worried that her mother will create some trouble in her marriage again. Sai tells Devyani that her brother is with her this tim. She decides she won’t let any difficulties to come in Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage.

Bhavani reveals the secret to Pakhi and tells her that Pulkit was the son of their servant who grew up in this house. Bhavani found out Devyani was pregnant so she sent the child to orphanage to save this family’s pretige.

Virat questions Ninad why no one knows that Devyani is married? He asks don’t you think we are all responsible for Devyani’s present condition. Ninad tells what matter now is to save Devyani from Pulkit. Sai tells Pulkit is not a scoundrel and it is his right to take Devyani with him. She tells I don’t know about Devyani’s past but I won’t let anything bad happen to her in future. Virat supports Sai.

Will Pulkit fulfil his promise?

Can Sai save Devyani’s marriage from Bhavani’s evil plan?

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