Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Mohit comes to Sai’s rescue?

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Mohit comes to Sai's rescue?
Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Mohit comes to Sai's rescue?

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Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein, is unravelling lot many mysteries with each passing day. The show is able to grab the attention of the masses. The viewers are loving the track and how all the characters are shown. The tension rising between Sai and Virat is making viewers anxious about their future. With Pakhi trying her ways to keep Virat and Sai away from each other Bhavani is also helping her. Sai who is a pure hearted girl, is set to fight for those who stood up for her. She likes Ashwini, Shivani and Devyani. Ashwini was helped by Sai when Ninand try to dominate over Ashwini, next Sai helped Shivani with the issue she faced.

Next, Sai is facing challenges to make Devyani meet her husband and kid. Sai has decided to go to any extent to help them. Currently, Sai facing trouble where she feels helpless and Virat doesn’t let her eat. Mohit will be seen coming to rescue for Sai. Sai will feel emotional. Later, Bhavani will be happy seeing Virat against Sai. Ninand and Pakhi will say finally it’s happening when Sai will be kicked out soon. Pakhi will worry if they patch up next day but Bhavani says she will not let them.

In the upcoming episodes, Ashwini will make Virat realize how he was the one at fault too, being the mature one he should have taken things maturely but you hurt Sai. Sai will feel bad and think to go from house with Usha Mausi. But Virat will realize his mistake and will come to stop Sai. He will indirectly show is care asking about Sai’s hand and the pain. It will be a very emotional scene as both will be concerned but will not be unable to share their true concerns.

Will this make Virat and Sai far? Will Virat be able to handle the situation? Will Virat be able to help Sai ? What will Sai do now? What will be Pakhi’s reaction to this? What will this trip end up becoming? Will Samrat be back? What is in store for Devyani? Will we get more romantic moments of Sai and Virat together? What will Pakhi do to create difficulties for Sai?

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