Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: What is Sai planning to do?

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Finally the exciting Holi episodes are here and the viewers are having a great time watching Virat and Sai’s cute love affair.

Sunny comes dancing and everyone enjoy his moves.Everyone enjoys and dances around as Pakhi stares at them. Virat and Sai takes blessing from all the elders. Pakhi wishes Virat would have become her sindoor instead of Gulal that would fade away.Pakhi gets jealous that Virat applied little color to her and so much color to Sai. Virat runs after Sai with colors as Ghum hai Kiskey ke pyaar mai plays in BM. Virat applies color on Sai’s face and Sai does the same.

Bhavani tells Virat is becoming wild like Sai. Mohit clicks picture with Sai and Virat. Virat thinks if he is really falling in love with Sai. Sunny teases him that Virat cannot express his love. Virat tells today I will show you by telling and walks towards Sai. Pakhi decides she won’t let anyone else apply color to her as she can still feel Virat applying color to her. Sai applies color to Pakhi and wishes her Happy Holi.

Sai thinks if Devyani comes down her plan would fail,she convinces Ashwini that it is better that Devyani stays in her room. Sai tells the elders have their reason to take their decisions and I have my reason to do what I am going to do toay but I cannot tell it to anyone. Virat tells Sai he wants to tell her something.Virat tries telling Sai but is unable to tell.

In the upcoming Holi grandweek grand celebration of Holi is going on at Chavan house.The promo shows Virat running after Sai with colors romantically as Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Mai plays in BM.

Can Virat confess his love to Sai?

Will Sai’s plan affect her relationship with Virat?

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